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Field reports about the driver's license training

When choosing a driving school, many prospective driving students have reservations about not getting along with their driving instructor. But this is usually unfounded.

Are you also looking for a driving school and maybe a little insecure? Or are you simply interested in what others have experienced? Then you've come to the right place: In this blog post, the four former driving students Laura, Kristin, Sophia and Lucie describe their time at the driving school - and give you tips on how to avoid negative experiences.

"I have taken tips from my environment to heart"

Laura has very positive memories of her driver's license training: "My driving instructor gave me lots of tips for the practical test right from the start and drove possible routes with me several times a week. When I was uncertain, he encouraged me and gave me suggestions for improvement". Thanks to the motivated nature of her driving instructor, Laura even looked forward to the theory lessons.

Laura owes this pleasant experience in the driving school above all to the recommendations of many former driving students. Therefore her conclusion: "It doesn't always have to go badly. I made the right decision for me by asking around extensively before choosing the driving school and taking tips from my environment to heart".

"I had to change driving instructors involuntarily"

Sophia: "I had to change driving instructors involuntarily when my driving instructor left the driving school. Unfortunately I did not get along with my new driving instructor at all". This was the main reason why Sophia had a rather negative experience at the driving school. Her driving instructor was impatient and she felt insecure and uncomfortable during the driving lesson. She also felt mistreated because the driving school's accounting was not very transparent.

Therefore, Sophia's tip for all those who still have the driving license training ahead of them: "I would recommend everyone to make sure that the human component is right and that you get on well with your driving instructor. It is also important to be able to obtain comprehensive information about the method of accounting and your current progress - I have definitely learned from my driving school experience that there should be contact persons at the driving school who are available to answer questions and who can also talk about problems".

"I have thought too much in advance"

Kristin was quite lucky with her driving instructor and felt very well prepared for the practical test: "We drove many possible test tracks and he gave me tips. That took away some of my fear. During the test, my driving instructor talked to the examiner and made small talk so that I had the feeling that the attention was no longer just on me". This made Kristin much less nervous.

In retrospect, Kristin knows that she didn't have to worry so much before: "You have to look at the exam like a normal driving lesson and concentrate only on driving, without letting the person in the back seat make you feel insecure. And even if you get too excited and do something wrong, there's nothing wrong with failing. Next time, at least you know how everything works and you can show that you can do it better".

"I felt unsafe with my driving instructor"

Lucie took much longer for her driving license than she had planned - because she felt very insecure with her driving instructor. He was often distracted and sometimes even yelled at her when she made mistakes. "At some point it became too much for me, I stopped taking driving lessons. Of course, that was not the solution. So I summoned up all my courage, called the driving school and signed out".

A short time later, Lucie began to continue her driving license at another driving school: "I now drive safely, gladly and also quite well".

Lucie learned from her experience: "Sometimes it is perhaps better to change driving schools, even if it costs more or is stressful. In the end, it is important to feel safe while driving. In the end, however, I should have talked to my driving instructor, as this would certainly have solved a lot of problems - but unfortunately I didn't dare to do so at the time".

No fear of your driver's license!

So you see... the experiences in the driving school are very different! But don't be afraid, inform yourself thoroughly before choosing a driving school and let your gut feeling decide - then nothing can go wrong on your way to your driving license.

And if you don't get along with your driving instructor after all? Don't despair! Your driving instructor is only human and may just have had a bad day. Take all your courage and talk to him or her about it. If things still don't get better, find another contact person at the driving school or ask your parents to bring up the subject at the driving school. After all, successful completion of the driving training is not only your personal goal, but also that of the driving instructors! 

After the successful test, the driver's license is transferred to freedom.
If you inform yourself well about your driving school, you will soon have your driving license in your pocket!
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