Changing driving schools: This is how it works

Of course, the aim should always be to complete your driving licence training quickly and consistently, but sometimes you may be forced to change your driving school before completing your training - for example, if you move house. But don't worry: a change of driving school is, of course, possible in such a case!

In Germany, every learner driver can basically change his driving school even after the start of training. Here we have summarised what you should bear in mind when changing driving schools and how to proceed best.

  • Inform driving school: Let your driving school know as early as possible if you cannot complete your training with them.
  • Have certificates issued by the driving school: Your old driving school is obliged to issue you with a theoretical and practical training certificate. You then present these to your new driving school. This way the new driving school sees how far you are and can take over without losing driving lessons.
  • I'll have to inform the driver's license authorities: The change of driving school should be notified to the driving licence authority, stating the old and new driving schools. Some driving schools will also do this for you and will send your driving licence file to the relevant testing centre in your new place of residence if you move house.
  • Find a new driving school: In our quality driving school search, you will find many good driving schools in your area.
  • Successfully complete the training at the new driving school.

Costs for changing driving schools

Even if it is not allowed that your old driving school requires something for the driving school change, it can come to additional costs. You will usually not get back the basic fee you have paid. Unfortunately, the fees for driving and practice hours are also lost. 

Additionally, you have to pay 23 Euro to the TÜV for the change of driving school.

[Translate to English:] Leider ist ein Wechsel der Fahrschule immer mit Kosten verbunden.
Quality beats price is the motto of the driving licence.
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Find your new driving school

A move is imminent and you have to change driving schools? Then already now find your new driving school in your future place of residence and inform yourself there about the next steps.