Extension of the probationary period


Those who do not adhere to the rules in road traffic are threatened with an extended probationary period of four instead of two years.

However, the probationary period is not extended for every traffic offence. That always depends on the gravity of the offence.

How do I know how serious my violation was?
In order to get a better overview of the seriousness of the offences, they were divided into A offences (serious) and B offences (less serious).

[Translate to English:] In den ersten beiden Jahren passieren besonders häufig Unfälle. Deshalb musst du hier besonders vorsichtig fahren.
[Translate to English:] In den ersten beiden Jahren passieren besonders häufig Unfälle. Deshalb musst du hier besonders vorsichtig fahren.

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Examples of A violations

  • drink-driving
  • disregard of right of way 
  • Self-inflicted accident during the probationary period
  • Speed overruns by 20 km/h or more
  • Infringements at pedestrian crossings
  • Driving without an accompanying person with a driving licence from 17

Examples of B violations

  • Failure to observe a stop sign
  • Driving without light in case of considerable visual obstruction (e.g. fog)
  • Telephoning at the wheel with a mobile phone without a suitable hands-free device 
  • Vehicle not secured when left lying down
  • Vehicle equipment not adapted to weather conditions (e.g. no winter tyres in December)

What are the consequences of such an infringement?

One A infringement or at least two B infringements lead to fines, points and participation in an extension seminar in addition to the extended probationary period of four years.

You can find more A offences in the catalogue of fines.

If you still violate the road traffic regulations and endanger other road users despite the advanced seminar and extended probationary period, you are in danger of losing your driving license.

One A violation or at least two B violations can lead to retraining.
Retraining is a possible consequence for traffic offenders.


An extended probationary period due to traffic violations sounds logical, but is there also a shortened probationary period?

The answer to this question is: No. Since the end of 2010, there has been no possibility of shortening the probationary period through voluntary further training seminars.

According to the law, every novice driver must undergo a one-off probationary period of at least two years.

Unfortunately, there are some mistakes that will not forgive you in your practical exam and lead to failure.

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