That's how you get it back!

At the earliest three months before the end of the blocking period you can apply for a new driving licence at the responsible driving licence authority. The authorities will then inform you whether and what conditions you have to fulfil.  
These requirements vary from case to case. For example, drivers with drug or alcohol problems may be required to prove abstinence, while "8-point sinners" may not.  

What are the requirements?

  • Positive result of an MPU
  • Proof of abstinence for six to twelve months
  • Participation in an advanced seminar
  • Re-examination of the driving licence with justified acceptance (if the person concerned no longer has the necessary knowledge)

Although the participation in the advanced seminar or the MPE is only possible after the blocking period, you should take care of a place as soon as possible, because these are fully booked in shortest time.
You should also regularly collect evidence from the outset that you no longer consume alcohol or drugs (abstinence certificate).  As soon as you have regained your driving licence, you will have to go through another probationary period.

Proof of abstinence must be provided for a period of between six and twelve months.
[Translate to English:] Ein Abstinenznachweis muss mindestens für sechs Monate erbracht werden.

When does the withdrawal of the driving licence expire?

A reissue of a driving licence is often linked to the existence of an MPE. However, an MPU is very expensive and not everyone can afford it. That's why there's another way to get your license back: Waiting.

According to §29 Straßenverkehrsgesetz (StVG), all offences that have led to the withdrawal of a driver's license must be deleted from the register after ten years at the latest. However, it is not clearly defined when exactly the limitation period starts, as this depends on various factors.

The period shall begin no later than five years after the withdrawal of the driving licence. This is why there is often talk of a 15-year repayment period.
Due to the long time without a driver's license, doubts can arise about your knowledge and skills, which would require you to take a new theoretical and practical driver's license test for each vehicle category.

What does a lifelong driving disqualification mean?

Normally, driving disqualification is always subject to a time limit. Only in rare cases is a lifelong blocking period granted. According to Section 69a of the Criminal Code, the life-long blocking period can always be imposed "if it is to be expected that the statutory maximum period is not sufficient to avert the danger threatened by the offender". The prerequisite for this is the determination of the particular gravity of the act and that the person concerned represents a danger to road traffic.  This is the case with:

  • the commission of criminal offences
  • repeated driving under the influence of alcohol
  • Driving despite a blocking period
  • Health problems

However, in all these cases it is possible to get your driving licence back once the problem has been demonstrably solved.

Alcohol driving can lead to lifelong loss of a driver's license.
Alcohol driving can lead to lifelong loss of a driver's license.

Withdrawal of Driver's License - How to raise an Objection?

In principle, you first have a right of objection if you are threatened with losing your driving licence. If someone else drove, for example, a construction site sign could not be discovered in time or if there are other plausible reasons for one's own misconduct, a driver's license can not be revoked, but at least delayed. The situation is different with the driving ban, which can be shortened or converted into a fine if there is a good objection. If the opposition is rejected, the case automatically goes to court.

Anyone who has demonstrably committed an administrative offence or a criminal offence that leads to the classic withdrawal of a driver's license will hardly be able to avoid the punishment even with an appeal in court. But anyone who not only repents to the judge but can also make it credible that he was not to blame for the offence himself can drastically lower the ban on the withdrawal of a driver's license. Depending on the severity of the crime, a period of 6 months to five years is possible, plus fines and possibly imprisonment or a medical-psychological examination.

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