Test your visual acuity now with the free online eye test

You're not sure you need a vision aid? No problem. You can use our free online eye-test to see if there are any problems with your visual acuity.

Let's go to the eye test!

In order to identify potential dangers and obstacles as early as possible, a good and sharp eye in road traffic is a mandatory requirement. But don't worry, visual impairments can be compensated with glasses or contact lenses. In this case it is obligatory to wear it and it will be noted on the driving licence.

We at fahrschule-123.de now offer you the opportunity to do a free vision test to determine your first tendency for vision before you visit an optician.

Please note:   

This free online eye test does not replace the mandatory eye test performed by an optician or ophthalmologist. Only they are able to determine the exact visual acuity with the help of special devices. This test shows you only a first tendency whether you may suffer from a visual impairment.

Eye test with letters:

Position yourself about 50 cm away from the monitor and try to recognize the letters. If you are not able to see them correctly above the green line, you may suffer from a visual impairment and should definitely have your eyes checked by an optician or ophthalmologist!

Start the test with letters now!

Do a free eye test now!

Eye test with Landolt-rings:

Position yourself about 2 meters away from the monitor and try to name the sides with the opening of the rings (e.g. "right", "left", "right down", etc.). For the optician, it is relevant up to which row you can still see the openings.

Start the test with Landolt-rings now!

Do a free eye test now!
Shortsightedness or farsightedness can be compensated without problems by a visual aid.

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