Drivers Cam

Practically passed!

No unpleasant surprises at the critical points in your test area. With the Drivers Cam App you are ideally prepared for the practical exam. The contents of the app were created together with experienced driving instructors and already cover more than 850 test areas throughout Germany. 

Student driver with car key in blue car.

Ideal practice preparation

No surprises in the practical exam!

With Drivers Cam's commented videos on the critical spots in your test area, you're ideally prepared for your exam:

  • practical training without hectic or even dangerous situations in the driving school car
  • You feel safer during driving lessons
  • Super suitable for the preparation and follow-up of your driving lessons
  • Optimal additional preparation for your practical driving test
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Learning card

You can take your time to look at the problem areas of your test location in the learning card. You can watch the videos of the desired situations as often as you like. Important passages are highlighted and commented on in detail by driving instructors.

The practical test

Here you can see how far you are

In the practical test you will then prove your knowledge of the videos. Questions and answers were compiled for each video from the flash card.

Your learning status can be called up at any time in your ''test results''. Only when you have passed the practical test twice does the traffic light turn green. When all traffic lights are green, you will receive your Drivers Cam certificate. This certificate proves that all site-specific tests have now attained the status of examination readiness. Prove to your driving instructor and your examiner now directly in the car how well you know!

Practically passed!

With Drivers Cam you can test the difficult places out of your test area.

Doesn't it make sense to practice the difficulties on site instead of doing something?

So that you can practice anytime and anywhere, Drivers Cam has the app for on the go.

With Drivers Cam, you'll sit in the difficult spots and save time for extra hours.

Your driving school sees where you have problems and discusses these places with you.

After all, what is better than to be top prepared and pass the practical exam?

Drivers Cam is your app for the practical exam.

Find your Drivers Cam driving school

Do you want to feel particularly safe in your practical driving test? Then find your driving school here now, which prepares you for the road behind the wheel with the Drivers Cam App.

  • Fahren Lernen Max for the theory test
  • Drivers Cam for the practical test
  • Only one access for both!