Tips for the consultation

Before you decide on a driving school, you should try to get an impression of it as accurate as possible. The best way to do this is to arrange a consultation. That allowes you to ask your questions and get a good impression of the "soft" factors, keyword gut feeling. 

In the following, we have put together a few tips for the conversation.

Information about the course of the training can be found in your driving school.

During the counselling interview you enter your driving school for the first time. Therefore, be particularly attentive. Do you like the shop window? Is the furnishing and the ambience such that you feel comfortable here, e.g. in theory lessons? Are you greeted friendly? Is your counterpart sympathetic to you? Is he open and answers your questions?

During the consultation you should try to learn as much as possible about the driving school and its services. This includes, for example, the course of the training, the opening and theory times, the training vehicles, your possible driving instructors or locations. It is best to think about what is particularly important to you before the appointment. Would you like to have a driving instructor, for example? Can you only attend theory classes at certain times? Our tip: Take a keyword list with you so you don't forget anything.

Of course the prices are an important topic for you. Let us explain to you how they are composed and what is included in the price. But don't forget that the driving school can't give you a fixed final price at the moment. This price also depends on how many driving lessons you actually need at the end.

However, please be aware that good quality training always has its price. In concrete terms this means that if you only look at the price, it can happen that you not only have a bad start in your motorist life because you feel insecure on the road, but also that in the worst case you have to repeat your exam(s). This causes costs, so you won't end up getting out cheaper after all.

If the driving school has convinced you immediately, this is of course the ideal case and you can inform your driving school on the spot and take the next steps. If you still need a little time to think about it, don't be afraid to say so. Your potential new driving school will understand this and you can let it go through your head again at home. Talk to your family and friends. Maybe you know someone who has a driver's license there. Then let us tell you about his experiences. And if you are then sure, it can also start immediately.

Automatic or manual car?

Since April 1, 2021, there is the key number B197, which allows you despite automatic training to drive manual cars without any restriction. If this is interesting for you, you can ask your driving school in the consultation, whether they offer this form of training.

What car can you drive? 
Depending on the cars the driving school owns you can choose one out of three types of training:

  • Training in a manual car: You will only drive a manual car, during your training including all the special rides e. g. on a motorway, during nighttime. You also will be tested in a manual car. This kind of driving training is the one which is most common one. 
  • Automatic training with additional manual training: This is the training that combines both drives. If you complete it, you will later have the key number B197 on your driving licence, which means you are allowed to do both: driving in a manual or an automatic car without any restrictions. 
  • Automatic training: If you complete your entire driving training in an automatic vehicle and do not learn to shift gears, the key number 78 will be entered in your driving licence. You only are authorized to drive an automatic vehicle. 
After the successful test, the driver's license is transferred to freedom.

Find your driving school

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