Gefahren Lernen

React cool, don't risk anything.

Gefahren Lernen is the combination of theory and practice, because what you have learned in class, you can train in Gefahren Lernen. In fact with a lot of fun! In the driving lesson you can then apply your knowledge even more safely through better eye behaviour and routine.

[Translate to English:] Smart spielen - sicher fahren. Mit der Gefahren Lernen App

All information about the app in one video

Everything you need to know about the Danger Learning App can be found in this video: From how to sign up, to a short tutorial, to the benefits you get from the app.


GEFAHREN LERNEN - React cool, don't risk anything.

Gefahren Lernen draws your attention to potential dangers in road traffic. You learn in a playful way to pay attention to clues and to observe your environment.

Brake or swerving? In an emergency, you only have a few seconds to decide. With Gefahren Lernen, you can practice the right reactions until they sit securely.

Stress while driving? 
Not with Gefahren Lernen. Because the levels confront you with many different dangers in quick succession, you can stay relaxed in the car. You know what can happen and how to react.

What is impossible in the driving lesson, succeeds with Gefahren Lernen. In the protected room you can experience the consequences of different reactions and adapt your behaviour accordingly.

Regardless of whether it's rare or everyday: With Gefahren Lernen, you can, for example, train dangerous situations at bus stops or level crossings as well as traffic control by police officers. Play through the levels and you'll be well prepared - for the exam and probation period.

You got a handle on the traffic rules? Gefahren Lernen lets you apply your knowledge from theory lessons. Evaluation and review show you how you can do better next time - in the game and on the road.

See. Klick. Respond.

That's how it works!

1. Mark danger

2. Open Toolbox

[Translate to English:] Ein Reh ist zu erkennen und muss als Gefahr markiert werden.


3. Select reaction

4. Experience impact

[Translate to English:] Nachdem die Gefahr erkannt wurde, muss eine Reaktion gewählt werden. Die Auswirkungen werden anschließend gezeigt.


5. Collect points

6. Start review

[Translate to English:] Am Ende des Kapitels werden die Punkte angezeigt und ein Rückblick kann gestartet werden.

Try it now!

You are curious and want to start Gefahren Lernen right away? Then download the Gefahren Lernen app from the App Store or Google Play. The app is included for you in Fahren Lernen Class B and the same credentials apply.

Student driver receives Fahren Lernen Max.

Find Fahren Lernen Max Driving Schools

Do you want to prepare yourself even better for dangerous situations on the road by learning about dangers? No problem, because Gefahren Lernen is included in Fahren Lernen Max! So now find your Fahren Lernen Max Driving School. As soon as you have registered there, you will receive your access data, you can download the app and start danger training.