This costs the driving licence

"No money, no fun!" That goes for your licence, too, I'm afraid. To give you an idea of what to expect, we have put together a small cost breakdown here.


One of the most important questions about driving licences is certainly the question of costs. Unfortunately, there is no general answer here, as the driving licence does not have a fixed price, but the price is made up of many individual components. For example, the cost of driving licences can vary greatly.

Nevertheless, we would like to try to explain some of these components in more detail here and give you an idea of what your driver's license can cost.

Table with Euro notes and coins and calculator

Quality is above price

It's with the driving licence like with all products: Quality has its price and who saves at the wrong place, pays at the end and has to do to the test again in the worst case. Therefore, it is not the price, but your personal impression on site that should be decisive for the choice of your driving school. Because what use are favourable prices to you if you need significantly more theory or driving lessons at the end because you are not well looked after? Or you need a very long time for your driving licence because your driving school is completely overloaded and has no time for you.

If you inquire about prices at your driving school, make sure that the prices are as transparent as possible! Caution is advised with discount campaigns and other voucher offers from third parties.

Ask about the following prices

  • Basic amount for theoretical training
  • Other costs, e.g. for learning material
  • Driving lessons (normal driving lessons and special training trips such as night or cross-country trips) and simulator lessons
  • Introduction to the exam for theory and practice
  • Costs for authorities and the TÜV/DEKRA inspector
  • Also, find out what the costs might be if you do not pass the theoretical and practical exams.
  • The driving school often also knows what is required in your region for an eye test and first aid course.

This is how the driving licence prices are composed

Since there is no prescribed scale of fees in Germany, each driving school can determine its own price catalogue. It is regulated what may be included in this price catalogue, but not what the individual item costs.

As each region has its own market, prices can vary greatly. This depends, for example, on how supply and demand regulate each other.

One student needs more driving lessons, another less. This can also cause the costs for the driving licence to differ considerably.

A big factor is which driving licence class is trained. A scooter driving licence (class AM) is usually much cheaper than a class B driving licence. Also the combination of several classes makes the general price calculation impossible.

If, for example, you opt for intensive training or a holiday driving school, the costs will usually be slightly higher than for a normal driving licence.

If it does not work for you in the first attempt, unfortunately higher costs for the driving licence arise in this case, too, through the re-registration for the exam as well as further practice hours if necessary.

Example calculation

This is how the costs for the driving licence are made up

Basic amount


+ Costs per driving hour x number of driving hours

+ Cost per special trip x (minimum) number of special trips

+ Learning material

+ Costs for the theory examination

+ Costs for the practical examination

+ Costs for the application for a driving licence

+ Costs for the eye test

+ Costs for the first aid course


= Total costs

Alternative I: Driving licence financing

Of course, you have the opportunity to talk to the driving school about the payment / financing of your driving training before you start your training. For example, you can ask if you can pay in installments. Some driving schools also have a voucher system. There you can buy vouchers depending on the cash situation. In addition, many driving schools offer special driving licence financing and help you get started.

Start instead of waiting with the driver's license financing Starthilfe.
Start instead of waiting with the driver's license financing Starthilfe.
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Alternative II: Drive now - pay later

To make it as easy and convenient as possible for you to pay for your driving training, many driving schools work together with DATAPART Factoring GmbH.


You will then only receive a collected invoice twice a month and do not have to pay anything immediately after each individual driving lesson or theory session. The whole thing is also possible via a SEPA Direct Debit Scheme.

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