Validity driving licence with 17

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  • When can I start my driving licence training?
  • What exactly does the examination certificate say?
  • How long is the examination certificate valid for BF17?
  • How can I exchange the examination certificate for a category B driving licence?
  • What should I look out for when travelling abroad by car?

Deadlines and dates

The minimum age is 17 years. Only then can you register for the practical driving test and get your driving licence at the age of 17. 6 months in advance you can already start looking for a driving school and register. 

We have summarized how you can recognize a good driving school in the checklist "10 things that make a good driving school".

Examination certificate

Your license to drive a car at 17

If you pass the test, you will receive the test certificate as a beginner driver. This documents that you have passed the practical driving test and lists your accompanying persons. . Important: The accompanying persons must be entered in handwriting. Without the note, the examination certificate is not valid and you risk a fine.

3 months exchange period

From Accompanied Driving at 17 to Class B Driving Licence

Once the driver has reached the age of majority, the test certificate is valid for a maximum of three months. Then this expires and must be replaced by the normal driver's license of category B. This is done in an application procedure. It's best to ask your driving instructor before the practical exam what you need to consider and how you can convert your exam certificate.

The probationary period for a 17-year driving licence lasts two years. It will continue automatically once you have exchanged the examination certificate for a category B driving licence.

Accompanied driving abroad

The driving licence with 17 is ONLY valid in Germany, because only here the accompanying driving is permitted. When crossing a border of a neighbouring country, whether in the direction of Austria, Poland, the Netherlands or Denmark, your examination certificate loses its validity. Anyone who is caught must pay, as this is a violation of the road traffic regulations of the respective country.

You're the driver and you're in charge of BF17.

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