The registration

Finally you have your own car! All we need now is approval. But what documents do you need? What do I have to report to the Admission Board? You will find the answers to these questions and more if you read on.

First the driver's license, then the road trip. Freedom is calling.
[Translate to English:] Sobald die Zulassung geschafft ist, kannst du überall hinfahren.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

As you already know, motor vehicles and their trailers must be registered for use on public roads. Exceptions (e.g. trailers in agriculture) can be obtained from the registration office.

The vehicle may be registered only if it has been type-approved or EC type-approved. This ensures that a motor vehicle or trailer complies with German traffic regulations.

A motor vehicle is registered at the registration office. For this procedure you will need the following documents:

  • Registration certificate Part I (not for first registration)
  • Registration Certificate Part II
  • identity card
  • Direct debit authorisation to pay the motor vehicle tax
  • Insurance confirmation (also as electronic insurance confirmation "EVB")
  • Test report on main and exhaust emission test (not for first registration)
  • Indicator, if available.

he relocation (even if it is only temporary) to another registration district for longer than three months and the decommissioning. Here you have to present a certificate of a recognised recycling company.

If the vehicle is taken out of service, the liability insurance no longer exists or the operating licence has expired.

You must hand over the vehicle documents to the buyer and inform the registration office of the name and address of the buyer. The buyer rewrites the vehicle immediately. A new insurance confirmation is required for this.

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Find your driving school

But before you start looking for your first own car, you can first search for the perfect driving school that will make you fit for traffic.