Driving licence category A

The "big" motorcycle driving licence

With a category A driving license, you can also drive the "big" machines, which means all engines without power limitations.

There are two possibilities here:

The first scenario – you don't have a category A2 licence. Then you can enter category A directly, but you must be at least 24 years old. Except you limit your driving license to driving trikes above 15 kW power. Then it is enough if you are at least 21 years old.

The second scenario – you are at least 2 years in possession of category A2. Then the minimum age is 20 years because you already have experience on motorcycles.

Another positive side effect: You don't have to take the theory test again, only the practical test is mandatory. But of course, you can't do it without some hours of practice. After all, you are now riding an unthrottled motorcycle.

Make your dream come true: Get your motorcycle driving license!
In your practical driving lessons you will gain valuable routine.

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General information on the A driving licence

  • Minimum age: 20 years for ascent from A2, 24 years for direct purchase (21 years if driving licence is to be limited to trikes over 15 kW power).
    You can take the theory test 3 months before your birthday, the practical test 1 month before your birthday.
  • Documents: A vision test, first aid course and biometric passport photo.
  • Term: none. However, the driving license is only valid for 15 years. After this time, you have to apply for a new document which is valid for another 15 years.
  • Exams: For an A-driving license you have to complete a theory- and practical exam if you enter directly. If you already have an A2 driving licence, you only have to take a practical test.
  • You automatically receive these driving licence categories with the A driving licence: AM, A1 and A2
  • You are allowed to drive this with your A driving licence: Motorcycle with a cubic capacity of more than 50 kW and a maximum design speed of more than 45 km/h. In addition, you may drive three-wheeled motor vehicles (e.g. trikes) with an output of more than 15 kW.
  • Special feature: If you already possess your driving licence of category A2 for two years, you can be promoted to category A (“large“ motorcycles) without a theoretical examination, but with a practical examination. Then you are allowed to ride all motorcycles without any power restrictions. Nevertheless, you should not exaggerate it immediately, but first a few practice rounds with your unthrottled motorcycle turn.
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Theory must be distinguished:

Category A2 for 2 years

If you have had category A2 for at least 2 years, you don't have to attend theory lessons again and don't have to take a theoretical exam.

No motorcycle driving licence or category A1

If you only have category A1 or no “small“ motorcycle driving licence, things look different. As in category A1 or A2, here you have to attend the theory lessons consisting of basic and additive material.  The basic material includes the general examination material, which is valid for all driving licence categories. The additive contains the special requirements of the respective vehicle category. 

Base and additive

For the basic substance in Category A, you have to visit a total of 12 lessons for 90 minutes (6 lessons if you already have another driver's licence category) to be admitted to the theory test. In addition, for the additive, you have to visit at least 4 lessons of 90 minutes. 

The following applies: If you have problems with a certain topic, e.g. the rules of right of way, you can, of course, listen to the material a second time in class. The hours mentioned above are the minimum prescribed hours.

Finally at the wheel of your own motorcycle.


In your motorcycle lessons, you will familiarize yourself with your machine and the traffic regulations. It is, of course, important whether you have already gained experience in motorcycling.

Similar to category A2, there are several scenarios here too.


Category A in a direct entry

You have neither category A1, nor category A2, so you have to do category A in a direct entry. In addition to the normal practice hours, the law stipulates a certain number of special rides which you must complete to be admitted to the examination. You have to do 5 driving lessons on federal or country roads, 4 driving lessons on highways and 3 driving lessons at dusk or in the dark.


Pre-owned category A1

You already have category A1 or category A2, but not yet two years. Now you have to do a reduced number of special trips in addition to the normal practice hours. Specifically, this would be 3 driving hours on federal or country roads, 2 driving hours on the highway and one driving hour at dusk or in the dark.

Category A2 - for at least 2 years

You have category A2 and have had this already for at least two years. Now you don't have to do any special rides apart from the normal practice lessons.

When you are ready for the exam, your driving instructor will let you know and give you valuable tips for your exam in the final hour. Have a look at your difficult spots from your test area in the Drivers Cam App