Key Number 197

Automatic and switching training combined

Driving an automatic car or a manual car? If you don't want to decide, the automatic training with the key number B197 is right for you. It combines driving training in an automatic vehicle with additional manual training so that even if you take your driving test in an automatic car, you can still drive a manual car without restriction.

B197 - Your advantages

Take the test in the automatic car ... 

  • Full concentration on the traffic
  • No "stalling" in the test
  • Stress-free test drive

 ... and drive shift car without restriction

  • Learn to shift gears without pressure
  • Test drive with your driving instructor
  • Free choice when buying a car
  • Flexibility when booking a rental car
Handsome cool guy driving a vintage car
Is your favorite car already older? No problem, with B197 you are authorized to drive manual cars despite automatic training.

Driving fun without limitations

Training in the automatic car

You spend most of your driving training time in an automatic vehicle. You can fully concentrate on the traffic and practice anticipatory driving. 

Supplementary gear shift training

You learn how to shift gears in addition to your training, in at least 10 driving hours on a manual car. 

Successful test drive

To confirm that you can drive a manual car, you take a test drive. Simply with your driving instructor and without an official examiner. The test drive lasts at least 15 minutes and must take place in and out of town.

Proof for the authorities

If you have passed the test drive with your driving instructor, your driving school will issue you a certificate confirming that you are able to drive a manual car. You simply present this certificate when you take the test. 

Practical test in the automatic vehicle

You do your test preparation and the test on the automatic vehicle. This saves you the stress and embarrassing "stalling" and you can concentrate fully on the traffic. If you present the certificate from your driving school that you have also completed a shift training course, the key number B197 will be entered in your driving license. 

Useful nowadays. Blue comfortable electric car staying near girls and charging.
If you do your training on an automatic vehicle, you may be able to drive electric vehicles.

What else? Your alternatives

Complete training in the switch vehicle

As before: The entire training takes place in the manual vehicle, including all special trips. Also, the examination is taken in the manual vehicle. You can find more information about this in the driving licence class B.

The pure automatic training

If you complete your entire training and test in the automatic vehicle and do not learn to shift gears, the key number 78 will be entered in your driving licence. You are then only authorized to drive an automatic vehicle.

Cancel key number 78

Catch up on switching training

Did you take your test on an automatic vehicle and have the key number 78 on your driving licence? You can now easily make up for the manual training. Take (at least) 10 driving lessons in a manual car and a final test drive with your driving instructor and have the annoying restriction removed from your driving licence.

You want to get your license in the holidays? That's possible: with a special holiday course.

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