The Vogel-Simulator

Get in the car top prepared and feel safe when it comes to the road!

Especially the first driving lessons cost a lot of time, money and nerves. With the simulator you profit and go afterwards more relaxed into the traffic! It is best to ask at the registration if your driving school has a simulator in use.

The simulator "works":

Relaxed and motivating

  • First dry practice off the road
  • Exercise unobserved and without pressure
  • He guides you and gives you the time you need.

Your security edge

  • Not every dangerous situation can be practiced in real traffic - on a simulator it is!
  • Dangerous situations are trained - until you can safely handle them!
  • Errors do not cause real damage

Optimal practice preparation

  • Practice individually and adapted to your ability
  • Train more traffic situations per hour
  • Going into the exam with a really good feeling
Person drives in driving simulator
With the driving simulator you get an optimal practical preparation

You already get to know these contents from the driving school in the simulator

  • Seating position, controls, pedals
  • starting, shifting and steering exercises
  • Starting at the mountain
  • gaze guidance
  • Turn: Basics and procedures
  • Turning with other road users
  • Turning with oncoming traffic and with pedestrians and cyclists in the blind spot
  • Turning into one-way streets
  • Multi-lane turning
  • Right before left
  • Right-of-way traffic signs
  • roundabout
  • Bending priority road
  • Traffic lights and green arrow shield
  • Crossings with traffic policeman

On the country road: Safe driving and overtaking

Don't leave your safety to chance: What you rarely practice in the practical driving lesson, you specifically train in the simulator.

  1. At the beginning you overtake cyclists and scooter riders in good visibility and free distance.
  2. Then the assistance decreases, the view becomes more difficult and you have to consider overtaking prohibitions.
  3. Towards the end of the session you will show what you have learned by overtaking two trucks in a row.
  4. You can also practice overland-specific hazards such as changing game or driving along an avenue on the simulator. 
Motorway situation with simulator
On the motorway: safe on the road thanks to simulator

On the motorway: Safe on the road thanks to a simulator

Master driving tasks around the motorway in 90 minutes and train anticipatory driving:

  • Optimally prepared for special trips with the simulator
  • Train the way to the motorway, drive up and down
  • Get used to the high speeds.
  • Traffic volume is slowly increasing
  • Overtaking on the motorway and following detours
  • Drive through a motorway junction in different directions
Overtaking exercise on country roads in the driving simulator
Don't leave your safety to chance: What you rarely practice in the practical driving lesson, you train specifically in the simulator.

Foreign languages module

The software is the heart of the simulator. It is also available in several foreign languages. The simulator automatically sets the language based on the language stored in Fahren Lernen Max. This is how you train your first driving tasks in your native language and make it easier for you to implement the moves.

Your safety advantage for driving a car

#1 Intensive practice preparation

Train difficult situations on the simulator as often as necessary until they sit safely - without idle time due to detours, traffic jams etc. as is often the case in real traffic.

#2 Driving - but safe

The simulator teaches you what to watch out for in traffic. You train your perception and attention so that you don't miss anything in the car later.

#3 Safe Practice

Training without risk: Nothing can happen to you or other road users on the simulator.

#4 Theory and practice optimally combined

First discuss the contents in theory lessons, then practice on the simulator (e.g. right of way) and then get into the car.

#5 Part of the training concept

The simulator is the ideal supplement to theory lessons and real driving lessons - for an even higher quality of training.

#6 Flexible and independent

Your driving instructor doesn't have time for a driving lesson for another two weeks? Why don't you practice on the simulator while you're at it?

Get an impression of the Vogel-Simulator here:

Switching exercise in the simulator
Person drives in driving simulator

Find your simulator driving school

Safer, more relaxed and better prepared for the road! If these are your requirements for your driving license training, you will find in our search all the driving schools in your area, which, in addition to the typical theoretical and practical lessons, also train you for road traffic with the help of the bird simulator.