Driving ban during the probationary period

A large proportion of all accidents in Germany are caused by new drivers. Reasons for this include an increased willingness to take risks, driving under the influence of alcohol or simply a lack of experience with the car or driving yourself.

This is why particularly strict rules apply to novice drivers.
This means that as a novice driver you can lose your driver's license much faster than an experienced driver. As a general rule, anyone who becomes conspicuous three times during the trial period, whether in a regular or extended period, loses their driving licence.


These offences can lead to a driving ban during the probationary period:

In principle, novice drivers are threatened with a driving ban during the probationary period wherever even experienced drivers have to expect it. These include, for example:

  • a speeding overrun of at least 31 km/h in built-up areas or 41km/h out of built-up areas
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol with at least 0.5 per mille
  • Passing red traffic lights
  • less than 3/10 of the speedometer distance from 80 km/h Speed

Effects on the duration of the probationary period

First of all, it has no effect on the probationary period. Only if your driving licence is revoked or temporarily withdrawn can it be interrupted. If a new driving licence is issued, the probationary period will normally continue until the end of the two or four year period.

Caught by a speed camera during probation

If the speed limit is exceeded, there is no immediate risk of retraining, but the novice driver has to live with the fact that a fine has to be paid. If, on the other hand, he is caught exceeding the speed by 20 km/h or more, he goes on to the additional training course, which is also subject to a charge and therefore has to be paid out of his own pocket. 

That's why it's important to be particularly meticulous about speed limits and to look for something else where you can really "let it go". 

Hold it. Grant right of way.

Find your driving school

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