Practical test failed, and now?

One brief inattention and it happens: Failed. Especially in the practical tests it is difficult to train every eventuality. So it is all the better to know that a failed practical exam is not the end of the world. You can find out what happens next here.


Failing a driving test is annoying, but no reason to despair. The costs for the exam will then be due again, but you can simply try it again. In order not to flutter your nerves during the repetition, you should definitely do a few more driving lessons. So you regain your self-confidence and go more relaxed into the repetition.

Speak through the mistakes that have happened with your driving instructor in peace and try to specifically train these situations. In addition, make yourself explicitly familiar again with the difficult places in your test area. Since you probably can't drive them all yourself, practice them best with the videos in the Drivers Cam App.

Failed practice? Cheer up, I'm sure it'll work out next time!

The most important answers

Try to get your fear under control, otherwise it will quickly block you again in the repeat test. Here we have put together some tips for you on how to take the exam more calmly.

According to the law, "a reasonable period" (usually two weeks) must have passed before you can start a new attempt. A failed exam is not so easy to take, so the waiting period is actually quite good to "come down again" and gain self-confidence again in one or the other lesson. 

By the way: The practical examination must take place within 12 months of passing the theory examination. If there is more than one year between the passed theory and the practical driving test, the theoretical test has to be retaken. 

If you fail the practical driving test three times, you must take a break of three months until the next test. After the three months have elapsed, three further tests may be carried out.

Who ploghs six times through the practical examination, with that the driving licence authority examines whether one is at all suitable for the participation in the road traffic. Which in plain language means nothing more than: You need to get to the MPU. The aim of the medical-psychological examination is to determine whether there is any driving aptitude at all or whether the learner driver is to be excluded from the examinations in general. Only those who successfully pass the MPU may then take the practical driving test again.

This is how it works for the next attempt

  • Gain even more experience in driving lessons.
  • Check out the Drivers Cam App to see the critical points in your test area.
  • Try to repeat it calmly and confidently.
Your driving school prepares you optimally for the practical driving test.

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