Fahren Lernen Max

Your app for the theoretical driving test

Fahren Lernen Max is your companion through driver's license training. With the guided learning path and many additional learning aids, you will safely get through the theory exam. Thanks to the practical training, you go with a good feeling into the driving lessons and with the functions "My lessons" and "My documents" you even have the paperwork in view.

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This is Fahren Lernen Max

Here it goes from level to level: You start with the easy questions and work your way forward. You will also practice video and image questions and their variations. You get support from the many learning aids and at the end there are the exam simulations which make you fit for the exam.

You practice wrongly answered questions until they sit. Learning to drive Max tells you when you're ready for the exam. This makes the exam child's play. 

With the guided learning path you will reach your goal quickly and without unnecessary duplication of questions.

You'll get all that at Fahren Lernen Max: 

  • accompanying book
  • audio book
  • over 100 videos
  • video questions
  • Variations of video and image questions
  • Intelligent learning aids
  • Practice packages

... and much more! 

The "My lessons" and "My documents" functions help you plan your lessons and manage your documents. 

My Lessons
So you always have your theory and practice lessons in view. You can access the list of your lessons directly from the start page of Fahren Lernen Max and see which theory, practice and simulator lessons you have already attended. 

My Documents 
From the eye test to the certification of your first aid course - in the document management you can see which important documents are still missing for the driver's license application. 

Fahren Lernen Max is available in the 12 official foreign languages in which you can also take your theory test. 

These are the official foreign languages:

  • English
  • French
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Croatian
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Turkish
  • Russian
  • Romanian
  • Greek
  • Arabic

Gefahren Lernen

In Fahren Lernen Max inclusive

First Fahren Lernen ... then GEFAHREN LERNEN!


You don't just want to deepen the theoretical knowledge on your mobile phone? Then there is GEFAHREN LERNEN for you now. With the app you can playfully train your perception of danger and the right reaction in dangerous situations.

Student driver receives Fahren Lernen Max.

Find Fahren Lernen Max Driving Schools

Fahren Lernen Max has convinced you and you want to start right away? Then find your driving lessons Max driving school now. Fahren Lernen Max is distributed exclusively by driving schools. As soon as you have registered, you will receive your access data, you can download the app and start the theory training.