Eyesight test for the driving licence

In Germany, there is a regulation to make an eyesight test before the beginning of the driving licence training (regulated in §12 paragraph 2 of the driving licence regulation).

Whether in darkness, suddenly braking cars, parts on the road, oil traces or in bad weather conditions: In road traffic, a sharp eye is always necessary to recognize potential dangers and obstacles as early as possible and to avoid accidents.

When exactly should I do an eye test?

Practical driving lessons are an essential part of driving licence training. Therefore it is absolutely necessary to present a certificate of vision before the first hour of driving. In addition, you must present the eye test (together with the certificate of your first aid course and a biometric passport photo) at the time of application, and the paperwork is best done long before the first driving lesson.

For most driving licence categories, a simple eye test by an optician is sufficient. However, if you decide to obtain a driving licence for C and D category lorries or to drive a taxi one day, you must have an officially certified opinion from an ophthalmologist. You can find more information on this under Special Features of the Vision Test.

Our tip:      

Hand in the passed eye test when registering at the driving school!

A sharp eye is always necessary for road traffic.
A sharp eye is always necessary for road traffic.

What happens if I don't pass the eye test?

Not passing an eye test does not necessarily mean the end of the driver's license. Sometimes nervousness leads to failure. In this case, a second test should be carried out at the ophthalmologist immediately afterwards. Even if you fail again, it shouldn't cause you any big stomach pains. If your vision is impaired, glasses or contact lenses will usually help you to drive safely. If, however, you have a very severe visual impairment with a reduced visual performance of less than 70 percent, your driving licence is at risk.

Important for you:  

If you need a visual aid, this will be noted on your driving licence and checked during traffic checks, so wearing it becomes a must - and this already during practical driving training!

Let's go to the eye test!

Let's do it!

You're not sure you need a vision aid? No problem. You can use our free online vision test to check if there are any difficulties with your visual acuity.