ASF - Advanced seminar for novice drivers

If you have committed one Category A traffic violation or at least two Category B traffic violations during the probationary period, participation in an Advanced Training Seminar for novice drivers (ASF) is mandatory.


[Translate to English:] Ein Patzer in der Probezeit kann unangenehme Folgen haben.
[Translate to English:] Ein Patzer in der Probezeit kann unangenehme Folgen haben.

What you have to consider with the ASF

  • The cost of the seminar is about 250 - 500 Euro.
  • Refusal to participate means the loss of your driving licence.
  • If you lose your driving licence, participation in a seminar does not guarantee the return of your driving licence.


How does an ASF work?

The seminars take place in a group according to a fixed schedule. They have nothing to do with the conventional theory lessons in the driving school, but can rather be compared with an "exchange of experience for beginners".

Through the advanced seminar, each participant is to improve his skills in road traffic in the following areas:

  • Rule knowledge and observance
  • hazard perception
  • Assessment of one's own abilities
  • sense of responsibility
  • risk awareness
  • vehicle control
  • Control of one's own feelings
  •  Respect for other road users

What happens in the event of further anomalies?

If a second A or B violation occurs, a traffic psychology consultation is recommended.

The third time, the driving licence is withdrawn and the driving licence may not be renewed for at least three months. If an A violation occurs again after the new issue, a medical-psychological examination is ordered, which may lead to the renewed withdrawal of the driver's license.

Unfortunately, there are some mistakes that will not forgive you in your practical exam and lead to failure.

Find your driving school

You need to do an ASF retraining? Then find your driving school here, which will support you with the ASF retraining.