Accompanying person

In this article you will find out who is eligible to be an accompanying person for your BF17, what tasks and requirements this accompanying person must fulfil and what questions you should ask yourself before getting into the car with your driving licence at 17.

The most important rule

The name says it all, because it is not for nothing that the word "accompany" is used in "Accompanied driving at 17". 

The most important prerequisite and distinguishing feature to the regular class B driving licence  is that there must always be an accompanying person in the car. It does not matter whether it is in the passenger seat or the rear seat. The presence in the car is important.

Accompanying person does not mean passenger!

With your girlfriend to the outdoor pool or with your best friend to the kiosk around the corner. I wish. Unfortunately, not every person who has a category B driving licence counts as an accompanying person. When the law on driving licences was passed at the age of 17, the legislator already clearly defined the conditions and requirements that an accompanying person must fulfil for accompanying driving.

Requirements & prerequisites

The prerequisites at a glance:

  • At least 30 years old
  • Category B driving licence
  • At least 5 years of accident-free driving
  • No more than 1 points in the driving aptitude register in Flensburg

It starts with age

Since beginners between the ages of 18 and 25 still belong to the most endangered and also the most dangerous group of drivers in our country, they were excluded from the outset as accompanying persons. Only a person who is at least 30 years old may be entered as a registered passenger on the test certificate of the driving licence at the age of 17.

Experience counts

The second essential criterion that an accompanying person must fulfil is driving practice. If an accompanying person has no driving experience of his own or if this was interrupted, e.g. by the withdrawal of a driving licence, this person is not considered suitable to assist a novice driver in accompanied driving at the age of 17. Accident-free driving for at least five years is required. Only then can you be registered as an accompanying person in the driving licence.

Only without points

The points file in Flensburg is also an important factor in the selection of the accompanying person. Anyone who has more than one registered point at the time the examination certificate is issued shall be eliminated. Of course it is not desirable if the accompanying person collects points during the time as an accompanying person because of violations of the StVO, the road traffic regulations. Here, however, the role model function counts more. The minor driver does not have to worry that the test certificate will be withdrawn only because his accompanying person has collected points.

Grandma, dad, best friend - who will it be?

In addition to the clear requirements which an accompanying person must meet and which are prescribed by law, it is worth asking oneself as a novice driver with whom one would like to sit in the car for the next 12 months. Does one benefit more from the many years of experience or a certain calmness of the accompanying person? 

The tasks and duties of the accompanying persons

The person registered as an accompanying person during the accompanying driving must always have his driving licence and his identity card with him when driving. This is especially important if the accompanying person's driving licence is revoked during the accompanying driving period. The important role model function is then gone and the companion is no longer suitable as a companion for the underage driver.

An accompanying person with a driver's license at 17 should certainly not do that: Reach into the driver's steering wheel. The accompanying person is not a driving instructor. Even if the driver is still a minor, he has successfully passed the practical driving test and is therefore considered responsible. The respective accompanying persons should be aware of this BEFORE entering it in the test certificate, so that no disputes arise during the journeys.

Because she is supposed to assist the beginner driver with advice, the blood alcohol of the accompanying person must not exceed the value of 0.5 per mille. Otherwise she risks a fine (external link to the catalogue of fines) and the loss of her status as an accompanying person. It would then be removed from the test certificate and would no longer be available to the novice driver. The same goes for any form of drug. In addition to a fine, the driver's license at 17 or the driving license of the beginner is usually revoked and blocked.

Finally alone on the road: Get your driver's license.

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