Driving licence category AM

Scooter driving license

The AM category driving licence is the classic scooter driving licence. With it, you can already be on the road at the age of 15 and enjoy the freedom on two wheels. In contrast to its big brother, the motorbike, you are travelling at a more leisurely pace. Your scooter has a maximum speed of 45 km/h. It is, therefore, the perfect entry-level vehicle in the world of two-wheeled vehicles.

The scooter driving licence is the ideal entry into the world of two-wheelers and already at the age of 16.
Couple drives happily together on a white scooter through the city.

Find your scooter driving school

Are you looking for the perfect introduction to the world of two-wheelers? Here you can quickly and easily find nearby driving schools in which you can obtain the AM category driving licence - i.e. the scooter driving licence.

General information about the AM driver's licence

  • Minimum age: 15 years.
    The pilot project in some federal states was successful. From 28th July 2021 on, you can take the theory test 3 months before your 15th birthday, the practical test 1 month before your birthday.
  • Documents: Eye exam, first aid course and biometric passport photo.
  • Limitation: none. However, the driving license is only valid for 15 years. After this time, you have to apply for a new document, which will be valid for another 15 years.
  • These categories of driving licence you get automatically with the AM driver's license: none.
  • Special feature: If you already have a moped driving license, you can't count the theory lessons you've already had for your AM training.


You can drive that with your AM driving license:

Lightweight double-dragged motor vehicles

with a displacement of max. 50 ccm, a maximum design speed of max. 45 km/h and a power output of max. 4 kW.

Three-way drift moped

with a cubic capacity of max. 50 ccm for external ignition motor, a cubic capacity of max. 500 ccm for self-ignition motor, a maximum design speed of max. 45 km/h and output of max. 4 kW. In addition, the vehicle must not have more than 2 seats and an unladen mass of max. 270 kg.

Light four-drive motor vehicles

with a cubic capacity of max. 50 ccm for external ignition motor, a cubic capacity of max. 500 ccm for self-ignition motor and a maximum design speed of max. 45 km/h. The output may be max. 6 kW, but only 4 kW for road Quads. In addition, the vehicle must not have more than 2 seats and an unladen mass of max. 425 kg.

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In your theoretical driving licence training you will be familiarised with the basics of driving and the traffic regulations. The theoretical training covers the basic material and the additive. The basic material includes the general test material, which is valid for all driving licence categories. The additive contains the special requirements of the respective vehicle category. 

For the basic substance in the category AM, you have to visit a total of 12 lessons à 90 minutes to be admitted to the theory test. If you already have a driving licence, the basic substance is reduced to 6 lessons.

In addition, you must have visited at least 2 lessons à 90 minutes for the additive.

The following applies: If you have problems with a certain topic, e.g. the right of way rules, you may of course also listen to the material a second time in class. The hours mentioned above are the obligatory hours.

In theory, you'll learn everything you need to know to drive a car.


In your driving lessons you will familiarize yourself with the scooter and the traffic regulations. Contrary to many other licence categories, there are no mandatory hours in category AM. The number of required driving lessons depends on your skills and learning progress. A driving lesson always lasts 45 minutes. When you are ready for the test, your instructor will let you know and give you valuable tips for your test drive in a final lesson. Have a look at your difficult places from your test area in the Drivers Cam App.

During your practical training you will gain your first driving experience with the scooter.

Scooter test

In order to officially take off with the scooter, you must first take a theory and then a successful practical test for the AM driving licence. The practical examination usually lasts 45 minutes and is accompanied by an official examiner of the TÜV or similar bodies.