Driving without a driving licence

What are the consequences?

The temptation to practice driving before the first hour is probably great, but unfortunately it is forbidden.

Anyone who drives without a driver's license commits a crime. According to § 21 StVG up to one year imprisonment and/or a fine are threatened. In addition, a temporary driving ban is turned into a permanent driving ban with at least six months of suspension and a medical-psychological-examination.

What does "driving without a driver's license" mean?

  • Driving without ever having successfully passed a driving test
  • Driving despite driving ban
  • Driving despite driving disqualification
  • Driving a vehicle category for which you are not authorized (e.g. someone with a driving license category B drives a bus)
  • Driving without having the existing foreign driving licence rewritten
  • Driving without a companion during the probationary period
  • Not only can the driver be prosecuted for driving without a driving licence, but the vehicle owner also faces a fine or imprisonment.

If you have only lost your driving licence, you are not committing a crime, but a misdemeanour. You can find more information under lost driver's license.

The theory lessons make you fit for your theory exam and your driving lessons.

Find your driving school

The first step to avoid a driving ban from the beginning is to choose a qualitative driving training. So now look for a driving school in your area that suits you best and prepares you both practically and theoretically for road traffic.