Driving licence category B96

Trailer driving licence

You need a B96 category driving license if you want to drive teams with more than 3,500 kg permissible total weight, but less than 4,250 kg, for example, a caravan.

In addition to the theory of driving with such a trailer, the focus here is clearly on practice! You practice driving, turning and manoeuvring with trailers in detail.

With the key number B96 you can start your holiday with the caravan.

General information about the extension to B96

  •  Minimum age: 17 years for accompanied driving from 17 (BF17). 18 years in direct purchase.
  •  Documents: identity card, biometric passport photo
  •  Time limit: none. However, the licence is only valid for 15 years. After that, you have to apply for a new document, which will be valid for another 15 years.
  • Examinations: Category B96 does not have its own examination, but special training. Your driving school will issue you with a certificate of attendance if your training is successful. With this certificate, you can have the key number B96 entered into your driving licence.
  • I automatically receive these driving licence categories with my B96 driving licence: AM, L
  • I get to drive this with B96: Category B motor vehicles with a trailer with a gross vehicle weight (GT) exceeding 750 kg and a GT of the vehicle combination exceeding 3,500 kg but not exceeding 4,250 kg.
  • Special feature: No theoretical or practical examination is planned. You have to show your driving instructor in a practice drive that you know how to drive with such a trailer. He will then issue you a certificate of participation.
  • Further special features: For the allocation of the key number theory and practice hours are obligatory, but no special trips.

This is how the training looks like

For the key number B96, no theoretical or practical examination is intended. You can easily take the category B96, e.g. with your B-license.

The prerequisite for the issue of a driving licence with the key number 96 is successful participation in a driving training of at least seven hours. During the training, you will learn safe, responsible and environmentally conscious driving with a trailer of the appropriate vehicle combination (over 3,500 kg and max. 4,250 kg).

The theoretical training includes at least 2.5 hours (150 minutes = 3.33 driving hours). In the practical part, you must complete at least 3.5 hours (210 minutes = 4.66 driving hours), which can be spent both outside the public road space and on public roads. Here you are e.g. accelerating, decelerating, turning, braking, stopping distance, lane changing, braking and avoiding to swing the trailer, uncoupling and coupling and parking.

Special feature: The practical training may be conducted in a group, where one group may not have more than eight participants and a training vehicle must be available for up to four participants for the entire duration of the practical training. Training in a group shall not be conducted on public roads.

Of course, you have to put what you have learned into practice. In concrete terms, each participant must be at least one hour (60 minutes = 1.33 driving hours) on the road with the trailer. If you have successfully completed this trip, your driving school will issue you a certificate of participation.

This is what you need for the key number B96

  • Theory: 2.5 hours (150 minutes = 3.33 driving hours)
  • Practice: 3,5 hours (210 minutes = 4,66 driving hours)
  • Driving: 1.0 hours (60 minutes = 1.33 driving hours)
Car with trailer driving on country road

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