Traffic bans

Known prohibition signs

The name says it all: You are not allowed to drive in such marked roads (depending on what kind of vehicle you are travelling with). 

Bans on all types of vehicles

The ban does not apply to hand vehicles or animals, motorcycles, bicycles and personal transporters you may push. 

Prohibitions for certain road users

The signs indicate roads which may not be used by motor vehicles, motorcycles, lorries, buses, mopeds, riders or pedestrians. (from top left to bottom right)

No entry

You can't drive into the road, but vehicles can come out of it.

Mass, height, width and axle load

Prohibition for certain vehicle characteristics

The following symbols prohibit you from participating in traffic if you are travelling with a vehicle whose dimensions or weights, including the load, exceed an actual limit indicated on the symbol. 

From top left to bottom right: 

  • Actual width
  • Actual height
  • Actual length
  • Actual axle load
  • Actual mass 

Prohibition to fall below the specified minimum distance

The sign prohibits you, if you drive a motor vehicle with a maximum permissible mass of more than 3.5 t or a tractor, from undercutting the specified minimum distance to a preceding motor vehicle of the same type. Trucks and buses are exempt from the ban.

No passing

The following two signs prohibit motor vehicles from overtaking multi-track motor vehicles and motorcycles with sidecars. Where a weight such as 7,5t is indicated on an additional symbol, the prohibition shall apply only if the maximum authorised mass of such motor vehicles, including their trailers, exceeds the specified limit. 

The end of a prohibition of overtaking shall not be marked if the length of the line to which it applies is indicated on an additional symbol or if the prohibition is indicated together with a danger symbol and it is clear from where the danger no longer exists. 

Prohibition on turning

This sign can be found on roads with a central island, for example, where you could turn, but which would endanger or obstruct other road users. It forbids turning, but not turning to the left.

Speed limit

You must not drive faster than the specified maximum speed. Outside built-up areas, speed limits applicable to certain types of vehicle shall remain in force despite the sign.

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