The bus driving licence

Passenger transport - but safe!

Do you want to bring people safely from A to B and get your bus driving licence for this? A good decision, because bus drivers are needed everywhere - whether in the country or in the city. 

There are four different bus driving licences (D1, D1E, D and DE). Here you can find out what the differences are and which requirements you have to meet in order to obtain a bus driving licence.

With a bus driver's license to your dream job.
In order to transport people, you need a special driver's license.

The bus driving licence categories

D1, D1E, D und DE

The prerequisite for all four bus driving licences is first of all the possession of a category B driving licence. In addition, you must be at least 21 years old for D1/D1E bus driving licences and at least 24 years old for D/DE bus driving licences. Other age limits apply during and after certain vocational training courses. You can get more detailed information from your training company or driving school.

Driving licences can be divided into two categories: the actual driving licence for the vehicle in question (D1: "small" buses, D: "large" buses) and the associated trailer driving licence (D1E, DE).

D1 is a bus with a maximum of 16 seats, D is a bus with more seats.

Start off as a bus driver with a D driving license.

Find your bus driving school

Whether small or large bus, fewer or more people - here you can see the driving schools in your area where you can obtain a bus driving licence.