Important information on driving licences

The driving license is your ticket to great freedom and independence. Here we have put together everything you need to know about driving licences and the various driving licence categories.



Finally take off with your driving license.
With your driver's license and your own car you can finally take off.

Driving licence

The driving permit, in German called "Fahrerlaubnis" is the official authorisation to drive a motor vehicle on public roads. It is issued in different classes. The driving licence is the document proving this driving licence.

Therefore, you must always carry your driving licence with you when driving and show it to the persons responsible upon request.

Driving abroad

If you obtained your driving license in Germany, it is valid in all EU countries and for a temporary stay in non-EU countries. If you want to stay permanently in another country, you will need to find out about the regulations in that country regarding validity and exchange. Also inform yourself about any deviating traffic regulations.



Special features

You may drive certain motor vehicles without a driving licence:


  • Patient elevators with electric motor, with a maximum design speed of not more than 15 km/h and a maximum permissible mass of 500 kg.
  • Agricultural and forestry tractors, self-propelled machinery, forklifts and other industrial trucks with a maximum design speed of not more than 6 km/h each.
  • Single-axle traction and working machines guided by pedestrians on rails.
  • Mopeds and so-called "personal transporters" are also exempt from driving permits, but in some cases you will need a test certificate.
  • No driving licence is required for electric pedal-scooters with road permission and thus with a throttling to a maximum of 20 km/h.