The signposts are indicative signs and come in various formats. Click through the picture gallery to get to know the different signs:

Signposts on motorways

On motorways there are a number of signs that show you the way and give you additional information by numbers of exits and motorways for better orientation. From advance signs to announcement and exit signs to distance signs - motorway signs are usually blue with white writing. 

Number plates

Number plates are rectangular and mark federal roads, motorways, European roads or junctions on the motorway.

Signposts on federal roads

On the so-called "Vorwegweisern" you can see not only the directions, but also the number of lanes in each direction. So you can get into the right lane in time. 

Detour signposting

There are different types of diversion signs. Some show detours for certain types of traffic, such as trucks. Others point out a temporary diversion to motorists, e.g. due to construction work.

Fast driving school car drives away towards many signs

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