Step by step to a replacement driving licence

This should be noted

  1. Lost or stolen?
  2. Which documents do I need?
  3. Where do I propose?

1. Lost or stolen?

The next step depends on whether your driver's license has been stolen or just lost.

In the case of a lost driving licence, the authorities usually require an affidavit. This ensures that you don't forge documents by printing multiple driver's licenses.

The affidavit
With an affidavit, you affirm the truth. A false declaration is a criminal offence and can result in imprisonment for up to three years.

If your driver's license is lost, you can simply write the affidavit yourself. It should include the following points:

  • Information about the loss of the document
  • Assurance that the driving licence will be returned to the driving licence authority when it is found again.
  • The oath formula: "I declare on oath that to the best of my knowledge I have told the pure truth and concealed nothing."

You can find an example in the catalogue of fines.

You can then hand them in either to a notary or to the driving licence authority.

If your driver's license is stolen, you need a theft report from the police instead of an affidavit. This is to assure the authorities that you are not a document forger. Furthermore there is a chance to get your wallet back.

2. Which documents are required for the issuance?

You should bring the following documents with you in any case, in addition to the affidavit or the theft report.

Alternatively, a passport is also possible.

Is required in portrait format, without border and in the size 45x35mm. The photo must show your frontal image, head or eyes must not be covered.

Only required if your driver's license is issued by a driving license authority other than the current one. The copy of the file card must be requested from the driving licence authority that issued the driving licence.

If you have not written your affidavit yourself, you can do so at the driving licence authority.

3. Where can I apply for a substitute driving licence?

The application for a substitute driving licence can only be made in person at the local driving licence authority, as the document requires a personal signature.

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