Driving licence category DE

The "big" bus driving licence with trailer

The category DE driving licence is the extension for driving a trailer with a maximum authorised weight exceeding 750 kg. With it, you can carry more than 8 passengers. In addition to categories B and D, this requires special proof of physical fitness and the ability to work under pressure in the form of an occupational physician's report or a medical/psychological examination. You'll also need proof of vision. This can also be created by an occupational health physician. In addition to the driving licence, bus drivers who transport people commercially have had to comply with the requirements of the Professional Drivers' Qualification Act since 10 September 2008.

With the driving licence categories DE and D1E you may drive buses including trailers.

General information about the DE driving licence

  • Minimum age: 18, 20, 21, 23, 24 years. The minimum age depends on your activity and qualification. You can take the practical exam 1 month before reaching the minimum age.
  • Previous possession: B and D
  • Documents: Biometric passport photograph, identity card/passport, certificate of participation in the first aid course and proof of a personal aptitude test consisting of an examination of performance and a medical examination of eyesight.
  • Limitation: The DE driving licence is issued for a period of five years. It can be extended for five years after the initial qualification if the relevant requirements are met. In the case of an extension beyond the age of 50, a new aptitude test must be taken.
  • Examination: For the DE driving licence you only have to pass a practical examination. A theory test is not planned for this driving licence category.
  • I automatically receive these driving licence categories with the DE driving licence: D1E
  • I'm allowed to drive this with my DE driving licence: A motor vehicle in category D with a trailer having a maximum authorised weight exceeding 750 kg

All you need to know about DE training

Theory and practice

Theoretical training is not intended for DE training, but a practical one. How many driving lessons are required depends primarily on your learning progress. However, a minimum number of driving hours is required. Here you need 4 driving lessons of 45 minutes each in the basic training as well as 3 overland trips, one motorway trip and one trip in the dark.

When you are ready for the exam, your driving instructor will let you know and give you valuable tips for your exam in the final lesson. In most cases, this takes about 70 minutes.

Tip: Have a look at your difficult places from your exam area in the Drivers Cam App.

Everything under control at the wheel of your bus - with a class D driving license.
With the driving license class DE you are allowed to drive "big" buses with trailers.

Find your bus driving school

Would you like to transport a large trailer with your bus in addition to the passengers? Then get an overview of suitable bus driving schools in your area now and start your training for the DE driving licence.