Moped test certificate

Take off with the moped

Strictly speaking, the moped driving licence is not a driving licence, but a test certificate. Already with 15 years you may make the moped training.

After your successful training you may drive with the test certificate Mofas with maximally 50 ccm and a maximally speed of 25 km/h with the test certificate.

Young man driving downhill on a blue scooter over a cobblestone road.

Find your moped driving school

You want to get from A to B on your own? Then look for a driving school near you and successfully complete your moped training there!

General information about moped training

  • Minimum age: 15 years 15 years. You can take the theory test 3 months in advance.
  • Documents/Documents: none
  • Limitation: none.
  • Documents/Documents: none.
  • Limitation: None.
  • You are allowed to drive this with the moped test certificate: Mopeds with a design speed of 25 km/h and a maximum cubic capacity of 50 ccm.

  • These categories of driving licence are automatically available with your moped license:  none
  • moped license: none.
  • Special feature: You must always have the test certificate with you when you are on the road with your moped, just like with your driving licence.
  • Other special features: Unfortunately, you cannot have your theory lessons you have attended credited to other driving licences.
  • Did you know that...? you also need a moped test certificate for so-called personal transporters, e.g. personnel transporters (e.g. Segways, also Segways) if you want to use it on publicroads?

Theory and practice in moped training

Of course you must also be fit in theory and practice with the Mofa test certificate. For this you will attend six double lessons of 90 minutes each in your driving school.

The practical training must consist of at least one double hour of 90 minutes. You don't have to take a practical exam. You will receive a certificate for your training, which you must submit to the testing authority, (e.g. TÜV). Only then will you be admitted to the theory exam.

Moped test

For the moped test certificate you have to pass a successful theory test, but not a practical test.