Step by step to your driving licence

In this article, you will find out what awaits you in your driving school and during your driving licence training. Of course, we can only give you a rough idea of which phases you will complete, because the structure of the individual phases can vary from driving school to driving school.

The first step to a driver's license is to choose your driving school. The offer is large and the different companies lure with the most diverse offers. So that you can find the driving school that suits you best, the comparison is worthwhile. Click your way through our search different filters to find your favourite driving school.

In order to get a real impression of the driving school, a personal visit on site is indispensable. Get advice, ask how the training in the driving school is regulated, look at the conditions and ask about the conditions and the costs. If you are convinced, you can register right away. Most driving schools will also help you with your exam application and point you to important documents .  

  • The attendance of the theoretical instruction is compulsory.

  • The number of lessons you need to attend varies by class. For example, for class A1 there are 16 double lessons à 90 min. For class B only 14 double lessons. A detailed explanation can be found in the article on Theory test or under Classes.

After passing the theory test you can get into the car with your driving instructor or do basic driving tasks such as driving right of way and turning off at the simulator before going onto the road.

How many driving lessons are compulsory?
The practical phase is also regulated by the learner driver training regulations. In addition to the basic training, towards the end of the training you will also complete special drives,for example night driving or driving on the highway. Currently, 5 intercity trips, 4 highway trips and 3 night trips are mandatory (as of 06/2022).

Some driving schools offer you Drivers Cam to be able to better assess critical points in your test area.

  • In the practical test, an independent examiner, e.g. from TÜV, evaluates whether you can drive safely.
  • In the test, e.g. city, country and federal roads as well as motorway journeys are completed. Sometimes you have to prove your ability when parking or braking.
  • At the earliest one month before reaching the minimum age you can take the practical test. For the regular B class driver's license, you must be 18 years old. In the context of accompanied driving you can get your driving licence at the age of 17. 
  • The driver's license will not be handed to you until you reach the minimum age.
After the successful test, the driver's license is transferred to freedom.

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