Duration of driving licence training

That's how long it takes to get your license.

Apart from the costs, the length of time required to obtain a driving licence is one of the most important issues for prospective drivers. Unfortunately, no generally valid statement can be made about this either. It depends on how safe and confident you feel behind the wheel and how your driving instructor assesses your abilities.

The first hurdle you have to overcome on your way to your driving licence is the theory lessons. This is divided into 12 90 minute lessons of basic material and 2 lessons of additional material, which you must have completed at least. The basic material consists of topics relating to road safety and road traffic regulations.

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In the additive section, you can learn more about more specific topics concerning your driving licence category. One lesson takes 90 minutes. So let's say you go to theory lessons twice a week, then in seven weeks you will be through with the material and can register for the theory test

The second hurdle is the part that you have probably looked forward to the most: driving yourself! The number of "normal" practice rides is not prescribed. Here you need as many as necessary until you are able to control the vehicle and drive it safely in traffic. However, the so-called special drives are prescribed by law: five overland, four motorway and three night drives. The intercity drives take 225 minutes in total, motorway drives 180 minutes and night drives 135 minutes.

The total number of driving hours cannot, therefore, be predicted. But if you put your mind to it, you can finish your practical training in about three months. Remember, however, that it makes a difference whether you come from a rural area or live in a city with millions of inhabitants and traffic. In conclusion, the average learner driver needs about six months to be able to take the driving test with a good feeling. It is better to take a little longer, but then you will be more practised, you will drive more safely and you will also feel comfortable at the wheel.

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Get your driving licence quickly

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