Driving licence for mentally handicapped persons

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Is driving motor vehicles with a mental disability allowed at all? What do I need to bear in mind with regard to driving licence training? Is it still possible to drive a vehicle if the mental disability occurs after obtaining the driving licence? You will find all the information you need about driving licences for mentally handicapped people in this article.

Deficits due to a mental disability do not necessarily mean the immediate end to the acquisition of a driving license.

General information

People with disabilities are also allowed to complete driving licence training under certain conditions. In the case of physical impairments (e.g. paraplegia), changes are usually made to the vehicle to ensure mobility. But what about people who suffer from a mental disability?

Constant concentration and attention are indispensable for driving a motor vehicle and for the safest possible participation in road traffic.

However, deficits of this kind due to a mental disability do not necessarily mean the immediate end to the acquisition of a driving licence. The type of mental disability and the extent of the so-called degree of mental impairment are decisive for the granting of a driving licence. It is therefore not possible to make a general general statement about the driving licence, but decisions are made differently on a case-by-case basis.

The mental disability before obtaining the driving license

In most cases a  medical-psychological examination is necessary. Cognitive performance in particular is tested here. In addition to the ability to perceive, the ability to orientate, the attention, the ability to concentrate, the ability to work under pressure as well as the ability to react are examined above all. In addition, a driving test  (e.g. at the TÜV) is required before the first driving lesson in order to provide proof of practical driving fitness.


If both the MPU and the driving test deliver positive results, a road safety certificate is issued and nothing stands in the way of driving licence training.

For people with an existing intellectual disability, we recommend searching for driving schools that have experience in this field. These driving schools use special methods to facilitate learning during training.

The mental handicap occurs after receipt of the driving licence

If you are already in possession of a driving licence and are suddenly confronted with a mental disability, you must report this to the competent driving licence authority. In order to continue to participate as safely as possible in road traffic as a driver, in most cases an expert opinion must subsequently be provided.

A mental disability must be reported.
In the driving lessons you learn what you need for driving later and gain confidence for the test.

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