Afraid of the theory test?

Are you dreading the theory test and the many questions you have to answer here? You're afraid of a blackout that makes you unable to think clearly? Then here are five tips on how to get rid of your fears and confidently take the exam.


The theoretical test is the first milestone on the road to a driving licence. Only those who pass it are admitted to the practical examination at all. Even if you often sit in one room with ten or twenty students and only have to make a few crosses, the pressure can be very high.

Don't give exam anxiety a chance: With the right training your driver's license will work.

Strategies against examination anxiety

Anyone who suffers from examination anxiety can have learned so conscientiously: In the test, you can no longer see the forest for the trees. There are some simple strategies for preparing for the exam and counteracting your fear of it.

Maybe a friend or family member has time to sit down as an "examiner" and thus make the exam situation even more real? After all, it is often the feeling of being observed that causes the exam anxiety to arise.

A very effective method is to play through the examination situation at home. In online driving licence trainings such as Fahren Lernen Max you will find a variety of exam simulations here. A traffic light will show you whether you are already ready for the exam. If this is green, it means that you have successfully passed enough exam simulations and are ready for the emergency. As long as the traffic light is still "red" or "yellow", you do not know the questions well enough to pass the exam.

Try to feel good as far as you can. For example, you can relieve stress during a lap with your bike the day before. Do not take alcohol or sedatives. Put on your favorite clothes you're comfortable in. It also makes sense to go to bed early before the day of the written driving test so that you are awake and rested in the morning.

For a good night's sleep, it is advisable to eat only something light in the evening. Breakfast in the morning of the examination should also be light and healthy, e.g. muesli with lots of fresh fruit. Avoid coffee and other caffeinated beverages in excess of your usual amounts.

Leave the house early so that you can relax and come to the exam. Plan a buffer so that you don't get stressed by a delay at the track. If you still have a few minutes on site, try to pull back a little. Listen to music or do breathing and relaxation exercises. Allowed is everything that benefits you and you are not infected by the nervousness of others.

Encourage yourself. Be brave and tell yourself you can do it. If it helps, take a little talisman with you that will give you strength. Avoid pessimistic students. Remember the trials you have passed and strengthen your confidence. Think of a small reward, for example, that you can eat an ice cream at your favourite ice cream parlour or buy a nice snack during the subsequent city stroll.

Woman meditating on pier at sea at sunrise

What to do if suddenly the blackout is there?

Suddenly nothing seems to work? Take a short breather and breathe in and out consciously. Close your eyes and try to remember a beautiful moment. As you slowly calm down, open your eyes and try to completely hide your surroundings. Any others ready? Is there a pen falling down somewhere? Whatever. Focus only on your screen and slowly read the question through again. Try to answer the question like at home. There you have already been able to do them, here you can do them as well. Now you have regained your peace and can continue with the answer.

Your driving school prepares you optimally for the practical driving test.

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