The driving aptitude assessment system

Administrative offences starting from 60 € and criminal offences are registered in the driving aptitude register. Depending on their severity, these entries are scored according to a table.
The aim of the so-called Flensburg points system is to promote behaviour in road traffic that conforms to the rules. For each offence, either one, two or three points are entered.

Administrative offences from 60 € and criminal offences lead to points in Flensburg.
Administrative offences from 60 € and criminal offences lead to points in Flensburg.

The distribution of points

Awarded for serious misdemeanours (speeding offences, parking offences, incorrect tyres, etc.). Points from such offences will be repaid at the earliest after two and a half years.

Imposed for offences with a driving ban or for particularly serious administrative offences such as driving under the influence of alcohol at 0.5 per mille, driving over a red traffic light (red phase for more than one second or with danger) and when reversing on the motorway. The repayment period here is five years.

There are three points for offences involving a driving disqualification or "isolated ban", e.g. involuntary homicide, hit and run, or failure to provide assistance. The redemption period for crime points is ten years.

The points speedometer

The point-speedometer shows you from which number of points you can count on which consequences. As you can see on the picture, you are still "in the green area" without dots. If you score one to three points, you are considered to be "earmarked"; if you score four or five points, you will receive a written admonition from the authorities and if you score six or seven, you will be warned. Once you reach eight points, you will be disqualified from driving.


The authority will inform you, as part of the warning or warning, that you can voluntarily participate in an FES (driving aptitude seminar) in order to reduce a point.

Detailed information on the points list and all fines in road traffic can be found in the fines list.

The points speedometer indicates the number of points above which you are marked, admonished or warned.
The scorecard gives you a good overview.
Unfortunately, there are some mistakes that will not forgive you in your practical exam and lead to failure.

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Regardless of what kind of administrative offences or crimes - in order to prevent traffic offences in the first place, you will find driving schools in your area in our search, which will get you safely on the road through professional theory and practice lessons.