Funny driving test questions


Some driving licence questions and the corresponding answers sound pretty absurd. Why check if there are children under the car before you drive? Does the traffic sign really warn against drunken drivers? 

Even if it's hard to believe and sounds absurd, even the theory questions that sound so funny can make sure that you score points on the theory exam and in the worst case fail.

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Funny driver's license questions. Preparing for the theory exam is a lot of fun.

Funny questions and absurd answers

The preparation for the theoretical exam is dry? You find questions cramming boring? That's not exactly true, as these driver's license questions prove.

  • I should check if there are children under the vehicle?
  • I need to run a visual on the vehicle.
  • I need to check the load's securing?

And do you know the answer? All three possible answers are correct and must be ticked. Curious that only children can hide under the car and no adults or dogs.

You think easy? Wrong thinking. In fact, the correct answer is 80 km/h

  • risk of skidding
  • risk of skidding on wet roads
  • drunk drivers

Even if it could be a vivid representation. The traffic sign naturally warns of the danger of skidding. The first two answers are correct.

  • The grease nipples must be cleaned before greasing.
  • There must be a noticeable amount of fat in the skin.
  • Old and new grease must not be combined.

Even if it sounds funny: The grease nipples must be cleaned and a noticeable grease entry must be recognizable. Now you know.

  • In the vicinity of such vehicles blind people lose orientation.
  • The driver's attention is considerably impaired.
  • Blind people can see the course of the road.

Not funny in the strict sense, but remarkable. Did you know that blind people can no longer orient themselves properly in the vicinity of such vehicles? In addition, the concentration of the driver also decreases. Two good reasons to turn down the basses.

The theory lessons make you fit for your theory exam and your driving lessons.

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