Eye test: cost and validity

Not for free but useful. In this article you'll learn all about the cost of vision testing and how to save money. If you are also wondering how long your eye test is valid, you will also find the answer here!

If wearing glasses or contact lenses has been part of your everyday life for a long time, we recommend that you visit your home optician.

The costs

At an optician, vision tests are usually free of charge, especially if you are an existing customer. The examination at the ophthalmologist costs between 10,- and 35,- Euro including consultation.

You will certainly find, as on our site, numerous possibilities to perform a free online eye test on the Internet. Although they show a general tendency towards visual impairment, they are not sufficiently meaningful for driving licence training.

For this reason it is obligatory to have the eye test performed and certified either by an optician or by an ophthalmologist. These specialists can diagnose your visual impairment reliably and accurately enough.

The validity

An certified eye test is officially valid for two years. If, for example, you would like to get another driver's license (e.g. truck) within these two years, you can usually present your old eye test. In your own interest, however, it is advisable to have your eyes checked every few years so that safety on the road is always guaranteed.

Tips for saving money

If wearing glasses or contact lenses has been part of your everyday life for a long time, we recommend that you visit your family optician. Existing customers often have the opportunity to carry out an eye test free of charge.

If you have requested and ordered glasses from your optician, in most cases it is possible to offset the cost of the vision aid against the cost of the vision test. The cost of glasses can often be very high. It doesn't hurt to save a few Euros in this case!

The ophthalmologist can also give you a free eye test if you suspect you have poor eyesight.

In this case, the health insurance company will cover the costs of the test. Only a small fee will be charged for the ophthalmological report, which has to be presented when registering for the driving test.

But it doesn't hurt to ask if you can get it for free as well!

Shortsightedness or farsightedness can be compensated without problems by a visual aid.

Find your driving school

Whether you are short-sighted, far-sighted or normal-sighted - our search gives you a clear overview of driving schools in your area. Find your driving school and find out about the eye test there as well.