The practical test: Requirements

In order to take the practical exam, you must meet certain requirements. Here you can find out what they are.


You must meet these requirements if you want to take your practical exam:

  • You've done all the mandatory special drives.
  • Your driving instructor is sure that you are fit for the exam and has issued an appropriate training certificate.
  • You have successfully passed your theoretical exam.
  • You know your testing area and especially the difficult places in it? With Drivers Cam you can train them with an app - including a final test so you feel safe.
  • You will celebrate your birthday in one month at the latest and thus reach the prescribed minimum age of the requested driving licence category.


If you have fulfilled all the prerequisites, nothing stands in the way of your exam. Here you can find out how this will work.

[Translate to English:] Wenn du diese Voraussetzungen erfüllt hast, heißt es, auf zur Prüfungsfahrt.
Enjoy your driver's license in your pocket and your new freedom.
Fast driving school car drives away towards many signs

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