Insurance abroad

You should also be insured when you're on holiday.
[Translate to English:] Auch im Urlaub solltest du versichert sein.

The "Green Card" is your proof of insurance for international road transport. It contains important data about the vehicle, its owner and its insurance. It is available free of charge from the car insurer.

The handling of a claim is made much easier by the Green Card, so it is best to keep it handy in the glove compartment of the car at all times.

By the way: In the case of accidents abroad, the national law of the country in which the accident occurs generally applies. The legal minimum coverage is often much lower than in Germany. The result: the compensation is considerably lower.

Driving school sign on car roof

Find your driving school

But before you start looking for your first own car, you can first search for the perfect driving school that will make you fit for traffic.