Driving licence at 17

In this article you will find out which requirements you must meet before registering at the driving school and what the legal conditions are. The checklist tells you which documents you have to bring along for the application BF 17.


Before you can start your driving licence training, you must meet these requirements and confirm them with forms and applications.


  • The minimum age is 17 years. However, you can register with the driving school at the age of 16.5 and start training for your driving licence. The earlier you start, the better you can benefit from the maximum duration.
  • You need the consent of your parent or guardian. Since you are not yet of legal age, your legal guardians must agree that you register for accompanied driving and confirm this with their signature in a declaration of consent.
  • You need to name an accompanying person. You can't do it without an escort. In order for this to be officially entered in the examination certificate, your accompanying person must sign a separate form confirming that he or she is available, that he or she knows the tasks and duties and that he or she will also submit a copy of your identity card or passport.
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Accompanied driving: Now you sit at the wheel!

Make it official: Make an application

Depending on the federal state, there are the necessary forms for the application for accompanied driving at the responsible driving licence office or on the websites of cities and districts. Driving schools also usually have the forms in stock and can help you with your application.

Important documents

  • Valid identity card or passport with valid registration certificate
  • 1 biometric passport photo
  • Sight test certificate, not older than 2 years
  • Proof of your participation in a first aid training course
  • Indication of your driving school
  • The completed application forms, which are usually:
  • Application for a driving licence
  • Application to participate in Accompanied Driving from 17
  • Annex(es) to the application - usually to be completed once for each accompanying person
  • Copy of identity card and driving licence of each accompanying person
  • Consent of your parents/guardian

Fees for the application

Your application for Accompanied Driving must be processed, your examination certificate issued and your accompanying persons checked for their suitability in the driving suitability register. All of this costs money and is usually payable at the time of application. These fees are not uniform nationwide and may vary depending on the place of residence and the federal state. The best way to find out more is to visit the website of the relevant driving licence office.

The driving licence office automatically notifies the driving school when all documents have been checked. Later, after the driving test, the examination certificate can be picked up here and the card driving licence with the 18th birthday.

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