Driving licence category C1E

Trailer driving license

A C1E licence allows you to drive a combination of a C1 towing vehicle and a trailer with a maximum authorised mass exceeding 750 kg. The total weight of the trailer must not exceed the unladen mass of the towing vehicle.

The prerequisite for this trailer driving licence is prior possession of a C1 driving licence. A separate theory test is not necessary for this. However, you must prove your driving skills with a trailer in a practical test. 

For the C1E driver's license you must be in prior possession of class C1.
To drive a trailer over 750 kg you need the C1E driving license.

General information on the C1E driving licence

  • Minimum age: 18 years. Commercial use only from the age of 21.
  • Documents: A valid identity card or passport, biometric passport photo, possibly first aid course, ophthalmological certificate, medical certificate of physical and mental aptitude are required.
  • Limitation: All truck driving licences are issued for 5 years only. For renewal, a new medical and ophthalmological certificate must be presented.
  • Examinations: The C1E category driving licence does not require a separate theory test but only a practical test.
  • This is what you get to drive on a C1E license: C1 category motor vehicles with a trailer over 750 kg and B category motor vehicles with a trailer over 3,500 kg. The permissible total weight in both cases is 12,000 kg.

  • Trailer regulation: permissible total weight over 750 kg. 
  • You will automatically receive these licence categories: BE and D1E if you already have D1.
  • Aptitude test: A medical certificate must be presented in advance in order to issue or renew the C1E driving licence. This includes examinations of physical and mental aptitude. You can see what such a certificate looks like here.
  • Special features: If you want to use the truck for commercial goods transport, you must have a basic qualification in accordance with the Professional Drivers Qualification Act (DE: BKrFQG). Without these, you are allowed to drive trucks but not commercially. You can find more information here.
  • Another special feature: Anyone wishing to use C1E category vehicles commercially must take part in further training every 5 years after the initial qualification.
  • This is how the training looks like

    In order to obtain the C1E category driving licence, you do not have to go through theoretical training again if you have already obtained the C1 category. After a few practice hours, in which you show whether you are able to lead a trailer, a practical examination takes place. 

    The following special trips are mandatory for preparation:

    3x overland trip of 45 minutes each
    1x 45-minute drive on the highway
    1x night trip of 45 minutes

    If you decide to take the C1E driving licence together with the C1 driving licence, your special journeys will be as follows:

    • 4x overland trip of 45 minutes each
    • 2x highway trip of 45 minutes each
    • 2x night trip o 45 minutes

    The practical examination lasts about 75 minutes and includes test runs inside and outside built-up areas, various basic driving tasks and departure checks by the examinee. It can be completed at the earliest one month before the 18th birthday.

    White truck drives with trailer across small road

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