The motorcycle driving licence

Freedom on two wheels

More than four million motorcycles are parked in German garages. In 2017 almost 10 million Germans had a motorcycle driving licence. You want to be a part of it? Then get your driving license now. Here you get an overview of the different categories of motorcycle driving licence. For detailed information click directly into the categories.

In your practical driving lessons you will gain valuable routine.

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The motorcycle driving licence categories

The moped test certificate

Already with 15 years, you may drive a moped. You'll need a moped test certificate for that. In order to be able to travel on time for your 15th birthday, you may take the exam three months before your 15th birthday.

What is a moped?

Did you know that the word moped is derived from a motorbike or motorized bicycle? You can also cruise around on a scooter with your moped test certificate - as long as the scooter is throttled to a maximum of 25 km/h and there is only room for one person on the bench.

The advanced categories AM and A1

It's faster when you're 16 years old. Then you can get your AM (classic scooter) or A1 (125cc) category driving licence. Here, too, you can take the theoretical exam three months before your 16th birthday and the practical exam one month before.

Since 19.01.2013 you are even allowed to drive at more than 80 km/h with your A1 category driving license. The 80km/h limit for drivers under 18 has been lifted. But be careful: your so-called light motorcycle may have a maximum cubic capacity of 125 ccm and a power of 11 kW, otherwise the police will not let you continue during checks. Since 19.01.2013, the ratio of power to empty mass may not exceed 0.1 kW/kg.

In the AM category, a maximum cubic capacity of 50 ccm for a combustion engine or a maximum output of 4 kW for an electric motor is permitted. A maximum speed of 45 km/h is permitted here, depending on the design.

During your practical training you will gain your first driving experience with the scooter.

The professional categories A2 and A

With 18 years it is finally so far: You may make the driving licence in the category A2 ("small" motorcycles). You can take the theoretical exam three months before your 18th birthday and the practical exam one month before your 18th birthday. If you have passed the tests, you may drive motorcycles with a maximum of 35 kW and a ratio of power to the unladen mass of 0.2 kW/kg maximum.

If you have been in possession of category A2 for two years, you can then be promoted to category A ("big" motorcycles) without a further theoretical examination, but with a practical examination. Then you are allowed to ride all motorcycles without power limitation. Nevertheless, you should not exaggerate it immediately, but first a few practice rounds with your unthrottled motorcycle turn. If you want to enter Category A directly, you must be at least 24 years old.

Make your dream come true: Get your motorcycle driving license!