Holiday and intensive driving school: your driving licence crash course

For those who are in a hurry when it comes to driving licences, there are many driving schools that specialise in intensive training. These courses can - as the term holiday driving school already says - either take place during the holidays or all year round in special intensive driving schools.

With your driver's license you'll go free.

Find your holiday or intensive driving school

You don't have much time, but still want to be safe and well prepared for your driving licence? Then look here directly for driving schools in your proximity, which have holidays and intensive offers.

Driving licence in two weeks: is it possible?

The answer is YES. Many driving schools offer intensive courses where you can get your driving license in a few weeks. However, this only works under certain conditions.

The crash courses usually last about two weeks and include full-day lessons. The driving school often offers a complete package including accommodation and meals.

You should get in touch with your driving school no later than six weeks before the start of your training and register for the fast track course. You should also have taken the eye test and first aid course in advance.

You should also apply for your driving licence at the responsible authority at least six weeks in advance with the help of your driving school. Because only when this is approved, you may take the theoretical and practical driving test.

ntensive training places high demands on you. Daily lessons are exhausting and stressful. Only those who feel up to this burden should obtain a driving licence in the "crash course procedure".

The training in the holiday or intensive driving school often costs more than the regular training. You may have to plan for additional costs for accommodation and meals for the duration of the course.

Advantages of intensive training

  • Compact and easy to plan training duration: If you decide on intensive training, the driving school will set up an exact timetable with you and you know in advance exactly what awaits you and when. For students, the holidays are ideal, and working people can take a holiday for the duration of their stay, for example, and then do not have to do the training hours in addition to the working hours.
  • No idle: All hours of intensive training are planned in advance. So it can't happen to you that you have empty runs, because your driving instructor is fully booked and there are no free driving lessons.
  • High learning effect: As the name suggests, you are very intensively involved with the topic of driving licences during your training. So all contents in the theory exam are still fresh and also in the practical exam you are very familiar with your training vehicle in a very short time thanks to the many driving lessons.
You want to get your license in the holidays? That's possible: with a special holiday course.

Disadvantages of intensive training

If you decide to take a quick course, you should also be aware of the possible disadvantages:


  • In Germany there is no regulation as to who may call themselves a holiday or intensive driving school. This means that every driving school can basically describe itself as such.
  • Many holiday or intensive driving schools advertise with high success rates and make the training so interesting. However, driving training is very individual. Some people don't need a lot of time, others find it more difficult and need more driving lessons. When time is short, it increases pressure and nervousness before the test.
  • During the intensive training, the number of streets used for training is limited. In the beginning, the own city is unknown and must first be explored.