The first-aid course: indispensable for your driving licence

For your driving licence, you must also be fit in first aid. Therefore, participation in a first aid course is a prerequisite for obtaining a driving licence. Here we have compiled all the information about first aid for you.

If you want to get your driving licence, you need to make an "application for a driving licence." Among other things, you will need proof of a completed first aid course.

IThe following gives a detailed introduction to the first aid course.

This film gives a nice insight into the topic:

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The First Aid Course: Validity

Lifelong - usually a devastating sentence, but not so in the first aid course.

The first aid course for the driving licence is - in contrast to the professional association courses - valid for a lifetime. This also applies to professional drivers such as bus drivers or truck drivers.

But as good as this may sound, in practice it makes sense to refresh the first aid course from time to time. Due to the fortunately very rare use cases, one forgets the first aid knowledge unfortunately fast. If it comes to an accident, you feel helpless and overwhelmed. Therefore a regular refreshment of the course is very useful and gives you back the security you need to stay calm in such an extreme situation.

Many providers offer special refresher courses for little money and little time. This is definitely a worthwhile investment.

Only with a successfully passed first aid course you will be admitted to the driving licence.

The First Aid Course: Costs

Even if the money is tight, without a first aid course there is no driving licence. Here you can find out what the costs will be.

Although the first aid course for the driving licence is mandatory in the driving licence regulation (FeV), there is no fixed price for the course. Therefore the prices vary from provider to provider. Usually, they are between 20 and 50 euros. That is a lot of money, but also very well invested money. Even if it sounds a little theatrical: The first aid course can save lives. Therefore your decision depends not only on the price but also on the quality of the supplier. Ask your friends and your driving school if they can recommend a provider to you.

Table with Euro notes and coins and calculator
In the first aid course for your driving licence you will learn everything you need to know in case of an emergency.

Find your driving school

You want to learn to drive? - Of course! Find a suitable driving school for you now and ask your driving instructor where you can attend a first aid course best.