Driving licence category BE

trailer driving licence

With the driving licence of the BE category, you may drive "large" trailers with a maximum permissible total weight of the trailer of 3,500 kg, e.g. to transport a sport boat.

You don't have to take your own theory test here. However, you must prove your driving skills with a trailer in a practical test.

For large trailers such as boats or horses you need a BE class driving licence.

General information on the BE driving licence

  • Minimum age: 17 years for accompanied driving from 17 (BF17). 18 years in a direct purchase.
  • Previous possession: Category B
  • Documents: identity card, biometric passport photo
  • Time limit: none. However, the driving licence is only valid for 15 years. After that, you must apply for a new document, which will then be valid for another 15 years.
  • Examinations: For the category BE there is no theoretical examination, but a practical one. 
  • You automatically receive these driving licence categories with your BE driving licence: none
  • I get to ride that with BE: Category B motor vehicles with trailer or semi-trailer with a maximum permissible laden weight of the trailer of 3,500 kg.
  • Special feature: You don't have to take a theory test, but you have to prove that you can drive with trailers and take a test drive.
  • Further special features: Category BE allows you to transport up to 8 people.

This is how the training looks like

Driving licence training in category BE is limited to practical training. Only here will you take an exam at the end.

The following special trips are mandatory for preparation:

  •     1-hour motorway trip,
  •     3 hours overland and
  •     1 hour at dusk or in the dark.

The hour is considered to be 45 minutes.

Your driving instructor will determine with you how many additional driving lessons you need with the trailer.

The exam takes place in your driving school. Here you have to prove to the inspector that you know how to correctly connect the trailer to the vehicle, what safety regulations are in place and that you can safely move the trailer through town and country. The test will take approximately 45 minutes.

With driving licence class D1E you may drive minibuses with trailers.

Find your driving school

If you would like to drive larger trailers, please let our search highlight driving schools in your area that offer this driving licence training in the category BE.