Hardship regulations

Individual decisions on driving bans

Of course, the rules must be observed in road traffic. But sometimes, whether consciously or unconsciously, you still violate it and are banned from driving. But what can you do if your driver's license is of existential importance?

In order to make it possible to circumvent the driving ban in such individual case decisions, there is the so-called "hardship provision".

To whom does the hardship case regulation apply?
The hardship provision applies, for example, to:

  • All those whose professional and economic existence is endangered in the long term by the loss of their driving licence, e.g. professional drivers.
  • All those who can no longer guarantee the care of a sick relative without a driving licence.
  • Anyone whose disability makes the use of public transport unreasonable or impossible.

How can the driving ban be circumvented?

Anyone wishing to circumvent or delay a driving ban should consult a lawyer. The status "hardship case" can only be obtained from a judge. This means that a court hearing is unavoidable and each case is decided individually. However, the driving ban is often replaced by a very much increased fine.

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Find your driving school

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