Driving licence category B

Driving licence for cars

In Germany, over 50 million people hold a category B driving licence, also known as a "car driving licence". In order to obtain it, you must take a theoretical and a practical exam. Everything you need to know and the most important information can be found here!

General information about the B driving licence

  • Minimum age: 17 years at Accompanied driving from 17 (BF17). 18 years for direct purchase. You can take the theory test 3 months before your birthday, the practical test 1 month before your birthday.
  • Documentation: Vision test, first aid course and biometric passport photo.
  • Time limit: none. However, the licence is only valid for 15 years. After that you have to apply for a new document, which will be valid for another 15 years.
  • Examinations: For your category B driving licence you must successfully complete a theory and practice test .
  • I am allowed to drive this with my B driving licence: motor vehicles, except motor vehicles of categories A1, A2 and A, with a permissible total weight of max. 3,500 kg and max. 8 persons except driver.
  • These driving license categories are automatically assigned to you with the B driving license: AM and L
  • Trailer regulation: Trailers with a total weight of max. 750 kg are always permitted. Trailers with a total weight over 750 kg are permitted if the total weight of the vehicle combination is max. 3,500 kg.
  • Special feature: If you are not yet of full age at registration, your parents must agree to the training (signature on training contract).
  • Other special features: Three-wheel-drive motor vehicles (trikes) may be driven domestically, but only from the age of 21 onward over 15 kW.

All you need to know about driving licence category B training

Theory lessons

Your theoretical driving licence training will familiarise you with the basics of driving and the traffic regulations. The theory lessons cover the basic and additional material. The basic material includes the general examination material, which is valid for all driving licence categories. The additive contains the special requirements of the respective vehicle category.

For the basic material in category B/BF17 you must attend a total of 12 lessons of 90 minutes each in order to be admitted to the theory exam. If you already have a driving licence, the basic material is reduced to 6 lessons of 90 minutes.

In addition, you must have attended at least 2 lessons of 90 minutes each for the additive.

If you have problems with a certain topic, e.g. the right of way rules, you can of course listen to the material a second time in class. The hours mentioned above are obligatory hours.

The theory lessons make you fit for your theory exam and your driving lessons.


In addition to the normal driving lessons, during which you familiarise yourself with the car and the traffic regulations, there are special trips which are prescribed by law and without which you will not be admitted to the practical test. They are used to reduce the risk of accidents among new drivers on highways, country roads and in the dark. They may only be held towards the end of the practical training. A practical compulsory lesson lasts 45 minutes.

In category B/BF17 these special trips include 5 hours of overland training, including one trip in which you complete at least two hours of 45 minutes each at a time. In addition, 4 hours of training are required on highways, of which at least one is a double-hour drive. The third block of special trips must be completed at dusk or in the dark. Here 3 training hours are prescribed, at least half of which have to be completed on highways, federal highways or country roads.

By the way, the following also applies here: the hours are only minimum hours. Of course, you can do more hours.

In the driving lessons you learn what you need for driving later and gain confidence for the test.


Yes, it is. The category B driving licence shall include the scooter driver's licence (AM). So you are allowed to drive scooters up to max. 50 ccm and a maximum speed of 45 km/h.

Actually, the BF17 certificate is only valid in Germany. So only in Germany, you are allowed to drive with this certificate. But the regulation has been loosened a bit so that you are now allowed to travel in Austria as well. However, please ask your car insurance company to confirm this in advance. Further information about BF17 can be found here.

I'm afraid there's no general way of saying that. The cost of a driving license depends on many factors, e.g. if you pass the exams right away, how many driving hours do you need. They are therefore individually very different and cannot be easily compared. We, therefore, advise you not to be tempted by supposedly low prices. Instead, try to find out whether the quality of the driving training fits. Because a high training quality means that you get your driver's license quickly and cheaply. Failures can quickly become expensive. You can find extensive information about costs here.

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