The key number B 196

Riding a motorcycle without an exam?

The key number 196 is an addition to the driving licence category B and allows you to drive motorcycles with a maximum of 125 cm³. To take part in the necessary theoretical and practical driver training, you must be at least 25 years old and have held a B driving licence for 5 years. What you should be aware of: This key number is only valid in Germany. You will find further special features for riding a motorcycle without a test and the comparison to the "real" A-driving license on this page.

In your practical driving lessons you will gain valuable routine.

Find your motorcycle driving school

Would you like to slowly take the step into the world of motorcycles? Then look here for a suitable driving school near you to take the driving training course for the key number B 196.

General information on the key number B 196

  • Requirements: Minimum age 25 years, at least 5 years in possession of the driving licence category B.
  • Documents: identity card and biometric passport photo.
  • Examinations: You do not need to take an exam to get the key number 196 you only need to attend a driver training course. Your driving school will issue you a certificate of participation if you are successful. With this certificate, you can have the key number 196 entered on your driving licence.
  • You may drive this with the key number B 196: Motorcycles with a cubic capacity of max. 125 cm³ and a maximum engine power of 11 kW. The power/weight ratio must not exceed 0.1 kW/kg.
  • Special features: Theoretical and practical lessons are compulsory for the issue of the key number. However, these will not be credited if you want to obtain an A driver's licence later.
  • Further special features: The authorization is only valid in Germany!

All about the B 196 driver training


In your theoretical rider training, you will be familiarized with the specific features of two-wheelers. Unlike the driver's license training (category A), there are no basic units that you have to attend. You are only required to attend at least four lessons of 90 minutes each.

125cc motorcycle on street in the city
With the code number B196 you can ride motorcycles with 125cm³.


In your practical units, you will familiarise yourself with your machine and the traffic regulations. You will drive in the city, out of town, on the highway and also master basic driving tasks such as slalom driving and taking evasive action. At least five lessons of 90 minutes each are prescribed for the B 196 driving training course. However, if you or your driving instructor find that you are still unsure about how to handle the bike, you can just add one or two more lessons. The driving training is not about speed, but above all about your safety.

A test is not necessary to obtain the key number. After the driving training, you will receive a certificate of participation from your driving school, with which you can register your key number 196 at the driving licence office.

B 196 or rather A

Which one suits me better?

For whom is the key number B 196 right?

The driving training is ideal for you if you want to be more flexible on the road and your previous "small" AM scooter is no longer sufficient or if you want to drive a stretch on the highway, for example. 

When does the "real" A-training make more sense?

If you can imagine that you will also be interested in larger motorcycles, later on, the B 196 training course may not be as suitable. Because if B 196 has given you a taste for it and you want to get your A-driver's licence, later on, you can't get credit for either theory or practise - so in the end, it will cost you double.

With category A you have more freedom. You are allowed to drive bigger, faster machines and you can also go on a motorcycle tour abroad. Of course, this costs more at first, but then it is "taken care of". 

In the end, you should think about what your goal is in the "motorcycle world". If a 125cc motorcycle satisfies you and meets your requirements, then the driving training course for the key number B 196 might be just the right thing for you.