What do I have to consider?

Finally the exam is done! You're holding your license. Of course the joy is great, but please don't forget - now the trial period begins.

Probationary period for all

The probationary period applies to anyone who has obtained a driving licence for the first time. It usually lasts two years, but can be extended due to certain rule violations. After this time your driving licence is automatically valid indefinitely.

The purpose of the trial period is to better protect young drivers through stricter rules. In the 18-25 age group, the risk of fatal car accidents is three to four times higher than in all other age groups. This is why it is particularly important for inexperienced drivers to comply with traffic rules.

How does the probationary period specifically affect me?

The trial period is, so to speak, the third examination phase in which the new drivers have to prove their skills. Therefore, during this period, stricter penalties apply for traffic offences and certain restrictions.

The best known limitation is certainly the zero per mil rule.
During the trial period it is strictly forbidden to drive under the influence of alcohol. No wine, no beer, and no other alcoholic beverage. Only when the probationary period has ended and you are 21 years old does a blood alcohol limit of 0.5 apply.


What happens if I commit a traffic violation?

Possible consequences are:

Your companion will be at your side with help and advice during the drive.

Probationary period for driving licence at 17

What are the special features?

In general, the same rules and regulations apply as in the probationary period for driving licences at 18, but there are two special features that may be of interest to you.

  • The probationary period must be completed at the age of 17 for each driver's license. Even if you already have a category A driving licence, you must still complete a probationary period of two years.
  • Never drive without your companion listed on the test certificate. Otherwise, you're committing a Category A traffic violation. This means an extended probationary period, a fine, participation in an advanced seminar and possibly withdrawal of the driving licence.
After the successful test, the driver's license is transferred to freedom.

Find your driving school

Your driving instructor will tell you even more about all rules and restrictions of the probationary period. So discover directly in our search your driving school in the area and ask there all your unsolved questions about your way to a safe driver.