10 tips against exam anxiety

Now it's here, the exam anxiety. Explanations of their causes are of little help if an examination is imminent. Nevertheless, there are some tricks that can be used to get a grip on the exam anxiety. We've introduced the top ten here.

As a student you should be 100% sure that you have a good command of the material and that no mistakes can happen. In case of doubt, it is better to do a few more test simulations or treat yourself to two or three more driving hours before entering the test. The better prepared you feel, the more confident you will be in the exam and the more likely you are to pass it. And of course, a driving lesson costs money; in the end, however, it is significantly cheaper than failing the exam and, in addition to the additional exam fees and driving lessons, also carrying around a reduced self-esteem.

The test should not take place in an already stressful time. The Abitur examinations, for example, during which one is already heavily electrified, are a very bad time for this. Even private stress with parents or friends can increase the exam anxiety.

The less people know about your exam, the less pressure they can put on well-intentioned questions. Many people also feel called upon to tell you their own horror stories from exams and so only fuel your exam anxiety. So if you tell anyone about the exam at all, it should be someone who can motivate and calm you down.

There is nothing worse than sitting at home the night before the exam and imagining the exam situation with all its horror. Don't try to be compulsive any more to drum up any rules of thumb and special regulations - what isn't in place now won't be in place until tomorrow either. Instead you can read a book or watch a movie. Those who are particularly nervous can also go to the cinema with friends and thus distract themselves. After the movie, it's "Quick to bed." After all, only a rested mind is able to concentrate sufficiently.

Before the practical driving test it can be helpful to warm up a bit. Many driving schools also offer driving lessons in the morning, or you can drive the few kilometres from the driving school to the TÜV yourself.

It may help in other situations, but tranquilizers are not a good remedy against exam anxiety, especially in a driving test. They make you tired and slow down your reactions, which during the test can be the exact reason why accidents happen. In addition, many drugs at the wheel are also prohibited. Anyone who uses such drugs and sedatives must expect not only to pass the driving test, but to be completely banned.

He has success and failure in the driving test in his hands, because it is solely in the discretion of the examiner whether one passes the test or not. Still, there's no reason to be afraid of him. After all, it is not in the examiner's interest to let as many learner drivers as possible fail. Give the examiner friendly greetings before the exam and tell him calmly that you are very nervous. Many testers respond to their test specimens and then choose a quiet route for "driving in" until the tension is released.

Almost every student is more or less afraid of the driving test. In that case, you shouldn't tell yourself everything's okay. Those who deal too much with their fear instead of with the essential only enlarge it.

There are many relaxation methods, such as autogenic training, with which fear and stress can be reduced in advance. Acupressure, quiet music or a relaxing bath are just a few examples of how you can reduce stress and thus your exam anxiety.

Examination anxiety is also a question of personal attitude. If you are afraid of failing an exam, you should always remember that even the "best" can have something like this happen. Everybody has a bad day. Failing doesn't mean you can't, it just shows you're human. Next time it'll work!

And last but not least a very good video with tips against exam anxiety:


Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wbWHgud4wqY - TheTutorialsChannel

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